Sunday, June 26

Submit Your News Online to These Websites

Do you have a story or announcement that you would like to see featured on Then you are in luck. Most of our content comes from sites that allow you to post articles about your business. In this section we will talk about some of them. There is no guarantee that posting on them will get your content featured here, but there is always a chance it might get picked up.

These websites allow people and businesses to sign up and post things like press releases, news, and reviews. They are presented in order by ease of publication and the likelihood of your content also ending up here. A lot of them have many users, so the more they have the less likely you content will find its way here.

  1. Post Almost Anything: This up and comer is a great place for post just about anything. It has a section for community news with categories such as business, health, and technology which is great for business announcements such as press releases. We often syndicate news from Post Almost Anything in our News section. If you have an opinion about a product or service the rants and raves section is a great place to voice your concerns. We often syndicate reviews from Post Almost Anything in our Consumer Affairs section. It also allows you to post ads in the services and shopping sections. The best thing about Post Almost Anything is that not many people use it, so your work will not get buried underneath new content very fast. There is no moderation, so whatever you post goes up right away.
  2. Before It’s News: Publish your news with little moderation. Just sign up, start writing, and select the business category. Your work might end up in our news section.
  3. OpenPR: Probably the easiest free press release website to get published on. Moderation has always been quick.
  4. IssueWire: This is an easy to use free press release distribution service with relatively cheap upgrade options. We have used it several times and find it is a good way to establish a web presence.
  5. PRLog: Free press release publishing with upgrades.
  6. 1888PressRelease: Free press release hosting with paid distribution options.
  7. Express Press Release: Free press release hosting with paid options.
  8. Publishes releases for free with upgrade options, but the censors have gotten pretty petty lately.
  9. PR-Inside: Press release publication service that we’ve never used. They have no posted prices.
  10. PR Urgent: Paid press release hosting starting at $10 with enhancement available.
  11. The Open Press: Paid press release hosting service starting at $10.
  12. ePRNews: Paid press release hosting starting at $15.
  13. 24-7 Press Release: Paid press release hosting for $19 with distribution starting at $49. Have used multiple times and recommend it unless promoting edgy content in which case you’ll likely be told their downstream partners won’t distribute it.
  14. PR Underground: Paid press release hosting and distribution starting at $49.
  15. PR Distribution: Press release distribution starting at $99.
  16. eMail Wire: Paid press release hosting and distribution starting at $100.
  17. Market Press Release: Subscription based press release hosting starting at $24/month.
  18. Pressat: Press release distribution starting at 110 British Pounds.
  19. Newswire: Press release distribution starting at $199. They are very selective. Have had most releases rejected just to avoid offending people.
  20. iCrowdNewswire: Press release distribution starting at $250 powered by Google.
  21. PRWeb: Paid press release hosting promoted as premium web visibility enhancement. Starts at $99, but beware they have a history of suspending accounts for calling them out on their censorship. I once had a credit of over $300 that was put on my account after I said that I was not satisfied with the performance of my release which made me really happy until I tried to use it. I found out they would not honor it by demanding outrageous changes every time I submitted releases for a specific website. They kept demanding that it be rewritten to the point that every claim of fact be presented in the form of a question (ex: “does [insert website] offer [what it offers]?” or “are the stories on [insert website] about [site topic]?”) making it impossible for the release to sound anything but ridiculous. Then when I sent a version stating how PR Web staff required certain sections to only ask questions without making any factual claims they terminated my account and said they would not do business with me or my organization anymore.
  22. PR Newswire: The most famous press release distribution service likely to result in reporters actually reading your release for a reasonable price. Editorial can be a challenge, but not nearly as much of one as PR Web. Even though they are owned by the same company as PR Web (Cision) I was able to get a release hosted on the PR Newswire website and distributed via their service for the same website PR Web terminated my account over. Unfortunately, they are expensive, so you are probably better off using a lower priced affiliate like eReleases.
  23. Business Wire: Premium press release distribution service so expensive they don’t list their prices online to avoid scaring customers away, but they have a good reputation.
  24. GlobeNewswire: Premium press release distribution service that doesn’t list their prices online probably because they are so high only a salesman can convince you to pay up.