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SmartRoutes Announces Release of Out for Delivery to Support Same Day …


Source: SmartRoutes Announces Release of Out for Delivery to Support Same Day …

Discovered on: 2021-12-12 08:00:00

Cork, Ireland, December 12, 2021 –(– SmartRoutes is pleased to announce the release of its out for delivery feature set for its customers to support move into same day delivery market. Recent research indicates that same day delivery is a growing demand particularly among younger demographic groups. Up to 56% of surveyed people in the 18-34 age category expect same day delivery as standard.

Out for delivery functionality allows delivery teams to automatically SMS customers when they are a specific distance away. This functionality is provided using geofencing technology and automates much of the customer notifications for same day delivery.

It comes on the back of significant expansion of features around customer communication for delivery teams.

Live package tracking portal for end-customers with vehicle location and ETA

Customer auto-notifications to give them full visibility on package location and ETD

Direct contact link between end-customer and driver avoiding need to call dispatch office to get updates

This suite represents a full solution for businesses engaged in same day home delivery. Verticals using this feature include grocery delivery, convenience stores, pharmacy home delivery teams, perishable goods deliveries such as fast food, flowers and drinks.

About SmartRoutes

SmartRoutes is a total delivery management software for anyone from small businesses to large logistics teams. It allows you to plan and optimize your routes while tracking drivers and capturing proof-of-delivery. SmartRoutes keeps recipients informed of their delivery with up-to-the-minute notifications and a delivery tracking portal.

Implementing a smart solution for delivery management saves logistics teams time and money with increased efficiency and reduced fuel costs. You will also increase control and insights into last-mile operations.

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