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Platinum Mortgages Takes the Hassle Out of Home Loan Searches


Source: Platinum Mortgages Takes the Hassle Out of Home Loan Searches

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Birkdale, Auckland: Trying to find the best mortgage to suit your needs, can be a major headache when the banks turn you down. At Platinum Mortgages New Zealand, they’ll keep searching until they find the right result.

Platinum Mortgages New Zealand, managed by Angela Downie, offers a multi-step strategy to guarantee delivery of bespoke and customised solutions for clients that won’t adversely hurt their finances.

Based in Birkdale, Auckland, the company offers a guaranteed lender submission within 24 hours of all documents being received and perseverance until a lender says “Yes”!

With excellent personal customer experiences and a dedicated focus on individual needs, Angela Downie commented: “I always love a challenge, and we guarantee to help people get mortgages even when banks turn them down. I don’t think we should say ‘guarantee getting a mortgage’ as there are some instances were that just isn’t possible, no matter which Lenders we try.

“We turn the home buying process into a positive and exciting journey. We are alongside our customers every step of the way, even after the lending has been approved. We want to earn your trust, so that we can be your Mortgage Adviser for life.”

Platinum Mortgages New Zealand sources an extensive range of industry connections with both bank and non-bank lenders. They provide impartial advice and help find the best home loan solution for clients. Even if a client has a complicated situation with bad credit, or is self-employed and unable to show proof of income – they’re still able to assist

They help scores of clients arrange loans for new builds, existing homes, commercial constructions, and development and investment properties. Could we please leave out ‘commercial constructions’ for now as this is certainly a more complex product and not something I would like to chase after right now.

She confirmed: “We don’t go for quick ‘cookie cutter’ solutions. We offer a boutique approach – We care enough to stay committed and help clients achieve their dreams”

“You don’t need to spend your time searching online, hunting through complex financial terminology to find the best mortgage deal. We have our fingers on the pulse of the entire housing market.”

Angela Downie began her career in the Financial Services industry in 2006. She is a fully qualified business professional, having passed the National Certificate in Financial Services, with years of experience and knowledge.

As a property owner herself, she understands how important good advice and service is for her clients, whether for their first home or fifth investment property. Angela has lived on the North Shore in Auckland, for the past 19 years – Although she has lived in 3 different countries across the world, New Zealand is her home and she prides herself in being called a Kiwi.

For more information about Platinum Mortgages New Zealand, or to book an appointment:
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