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Fairmas publishes white paper on dynamic financial reporting for hotel…


Source: Fairmas publishes white paper on dynamic financial reporting for hotel…

Discovered on: 2021-12-09 11:21:50

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Fairmas, the developer of a cloud-native hospitality financial business intelligence solution has published a white paper with the focus on the importance of a digital solution in the dynamic financial reporting for hotel owners, operators, investors, and asset managers.

Fairmas White Paper
The white paper delivers the latest developments in the hospitality industry in the area of financial reporting, including the current and future challenges in maximizing asset profitability. Scenarios and use cases illustrate the intricacies of the hotel financial business and impact of future changes and demands brought about by growth and expansion.

Contents of the white paper include:
1. Basics of Responsibility Accounting
2. Importance of Budgeting and Forecasting
3. What-if Scenarios and Use Cases
4. Benefits of a Digital Solution
5. Recommendation by Horwath HTL
Fairmas thanks Horwath HTL for their support through their recommendation.

Through this publication, Fairmas reaffirms itself as competent business partner and trusted advisor/consultant to the hotel industry, who goes beyond providing products and services but also share and implement best practices and set industry standards.


The hotel business has become increasingly complex. This means the need for timely and
well-structured financial reports and planning documents.

Internal decision makers and those external to a hotel or chain, like lenders, investors and asset managers, require up-to-date, reliable financial information.
At the same time, there is a lot more data being generated, both internally and externally.

The challenge is how to structure the data and transform it into information that is useful for managers. The problem is that many hotels, especially independent properties and smaller chains, are unable to present financial performance and forecasting data in a useful format. For many establishments, financial reporting is limited to calculating what is owed to the tax authorities.

To access the complete White paper, please follow the More Info URL.

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