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BizJournal.Biz brings you the latest stories about business affairs from elsewhere on the internet. Our users post comments, but the stories themselves always have a source attribution link below the title. Between the title and the source attribution link you should see a big red button that says “REMOVE DEAD LINK.” Click on that button and a script will check the response headers of the source URL. If the source URL returns a 404 (gone) status code or a 301 (moved permanently) status code that redirects to a 404 page the post on BizJournal.Biz will be removed automatically. We added the button so that we don’t have to respond to removal requests submitted via the form below. Our removal policy is basically the same as that used by Google, Bing, and other search engines that only remove content if the source is no longer live.

Removal requests involving user comments posted below articles might be addressed on a case by case basis time permitting.

Some content is shared automatically via social media. If you would like that removed contact us AFTER you’ve used the dead link removal tool.

BizJournal.Biz does not remove anything for money.

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