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YouTube TV – Juddering Oct 14, 2021


Source: YouTube TV – Juddering Oct 14, 2021

Discovered on: 2021-10-14 16:01:00

YouTube TV – Juddering Oct 14, 2021

Im calling it juddering on my Samsung Q70T, 82 tv. It only happens with the YouTube TV app from the TVs menu.

Hulu, Netflix, Prime and Apple TV+ do not display this issue. I have Gig Fiber to my house and get 400-500 Mbps via a WiFi wireless access point 15 from the tv. Its not buffering, more like watching an old reel to reel movie where the video is choppy. Most times clicking pause and play temporarily corrects it, but it always comes back in minutes.

Ive tried to adjust the juddering setting on the tv but that did nothing. Ive tried to remove the app but it only gets removed from the menu, it doesnt actually get deleted allowing me to re-download it again.

Tried to actually talk to someone and the wait was 9 hours. If its not corrected, Ill have to switch.

Location: Jacksonville, Florida


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