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Vsn Shipping, Inc. Reviews –


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Vsn Shipping, Inc. Reviews –

Vsn Shipping, Inc. Reviews -

  • Oct 7, 2021

Vsn Shipping inc was founded in 2010 by Slavisa Vukoicic. He was doing some many illiegal activities by nor reporting all cdl drivers on the liability insurance, hiring without doing pre-employment drug tests, owing money to cdl drivers , forgery and other illegal things.

Slavisa Vukoicic was selling FAKE Nike shoes before and He was under an investigation by FBI. He got into trucking to do money laundry by buying semi trucks. In 2012 Vsn Shipping inc got a conditional safety rating in 2012.

In 2013 Slavisa Vukoicic moved to Serbia to do dispatching from there.

In 2014 one driver was driving over rail road tracks and He was hit by a train. He was under a dispatch and He was not covered by the liability insurance because Slavisa did not report him to the liability insurance. He was under an investigation by DOT. Harrell Hooks , a special DOT agent came to the address , Chicago,IL, to talk to Slavisa Vukoicic. He was overseas and He lied to the officer that He was in California. That address was mine too and I had my company registered on the same address. The officer made a document in which He stated that He would move all the violations to my company. He sent us two seperate letters which Slavisa Vukoicic signed to scam me . I did not sign the document .

Slavisa called his friend from Miami Beach ,FL to open a trucking company in Aspen , Co, They reported a fake address too. He did it to be far away from the DOT. The name of the company is SLMG TRANSPORT INC. He moved all his operatons in that company for which He paid his friend for that service to let him work under that name.

In 2018 Midwest Trailer Repair filed a lawsuit against VSN SHIPPING INC , SLAVISA VUKOICIC for 23000$ for damages . They tried to summon him with a lawsuit and all the summons were returned back because He has been outside of the country since 2013.

In 2020 Slmg Transport got a lawsuit for food product damages . They tried to summon them with a lawsuit and They could not locate them.

In order to avoid the lawsuit costs, investigations Slavisa Vukoicic decided to close SLMG TRANSPORT INC. Firstly he moved his operations to VSN SHIPPING INC and reported the fake address in Chicago then He closed SLMG TRANSPORT INC.

Slavisa Vukoicic is a proffesional smart international scamming artist who is ready to ripp off anyone for his intererests. DON’T WORK WITH HIM AND DON’T HAVE ANY BUSINESS WITH HIM. He lives in the city of Nis in Serbia from where He plans all his scamming actions.

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