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Tyler Gill Media Agency Reviews –


Source: Tyler Gill Media Agency Reviews –

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Tyler Gill Media Agency Reviews –

Tyler Gill Media Agency Reviews -

Tyler Gill owner of Tyler Gill Media talked me into paying him with Cash App on September 24th then after many attempts through email, text and instagram DM, Tyler Gill blocked me. I had sent several messages leading up until November 4th my consultation date and after with no response. I never received any zoom call information or anything. I admired this young man and because he had appeared on tv before, I trusted him.

Tyler Gill refused to be a professional in representation for his own business. He never made any attempt to contact me to see what issue we could resolve. After several attempts to communicate via email and DM I even told Tyler Gill that I needed my $750 back for an upcoming sugery cost in hopes that he would contact me. He didn’t but he responded to my BBB complaint trying to turn the blame on me. He insinuated that I needed my own money back for a surgery as if this was my only reason for pleading with him to provide my services or refund.

This man took $750 from me and gave me nothing in return. Tyler Gill added more insult to injury and ask me to accept $150. He also made threats to sue me. I have money for any surgery I need and can prove it also I am not the least bit bothered by any threat this man makes because I know I’m the victim of theft and was scammed. Ive been nothing but honest and have provided all of my proof. Tyler Gill told me to use only Zelle or Cash App for payment which is scammers heaven.

I believed him and after he was paid he ask me to provide a date abd and time for my first phone conversation. I did provide this date for October 4th and never heard from again. All I wanted was the services that I paid for or a full refund. Why would he keep my money and never contact me to work things out. Tyler Gill took advantage of me and stole my money.

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