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Source: The Works Automotive Reviews –

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The Works Automotive Reviews –

The Works Automotive Reviews -

The works Automotive vredenburg I Jolandi Rademeyer take my mercedes benz B200 cdi to be fixed ,to put a new slave cylinder in an a new clutch kid. Mr paul pretorius at this mechanic shop give me a qwoat for my work first out R8260.00.when my husband Allen take my car to (him) the mechanic say it is not what i think it was.he had said.

Mnr p.pretorius hold my car for 3 weeks.after 2 weeks i phone Mr Paul Pretorius the manger of the work shop,i ask when is my car done i need my car to go to work,then mnr paul pretorius tell me that he think that something els is wrong .so at the end,mr paul pretorius put a master cylinder ,slave cylinder an the clutch kid in,but still there was a problem

.now the payment was R13530.00.the 3 week I Jolandi Rademeyer walked to his shop to seen what is going on with everything .me and my husband saw that everybody is just standing around .when Mnr Paul seen me he say that my car is still not ready.

I paid Mnr Paul Pretorius the whole amount .to take my car my husband Allen van biljon that is a red seal mechanic is now working on my car

.we find out that the slave cylinder that Mr Paul put in is broken ,an the starter is loose,the ABS brakes pyp is take off never did Mr Paul Pretorius put it back my car is covered under with brake fluid never did they wash it off.

now I Jolandi must get a new slave cylinder that will cost me exstra R4400.00 ABS pyp i must still find out they rip me off they didn’t do the job an my car is still broken.but i did pay him the full amount .Mr Paul Pretorius think that I am a women that he can do this to me. vredenburg western cape

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