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SYNC Psychological Services, PLLC & SYNC Somatics


Source: SYNC Psychological Services, PLLC & SYNC Somatics

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SYNC Psychological Services, PLLC & SYNC Somatics


Dr. Silvia B Birklein

Country: United States

Business Talk Radio 1 contacted me to offer me a 8 minute live talk/interview on one of their shows on August 17th. A few hours after i gave the interview a “producer” (no name) called me and highly praised my interview and told me i had received a 9.8 out of 10 from the “raters” and because of that they would like to invite me to give 5 more 30 minutes segments with a “very famous host Jill Nicolini” who is “known for having interviewed “Brad Pitt, Justin Bieber, and many other celebrities”. “You and Jill have such great ‘synergy’ that she immediately agreed to doing this!” Then he proceeded to tell me that there would be a “fee” for this, which “usually is $5000, but i will give you a scholarship of $500, and then i will add another $1000 because you were so great, Dr.” “In addition, we have all these great sponsors, like Poland Spring who after the first segment will pick up the shows financing, and from then on everything will be free for you! We will air the show day and night in all out stations all over the country and the marketing you’ll get from that will be tremendous!” The “producer” became very pushy when i tried to ask questions and to slow down his accelerated flow of “information’ and did not allow for me to ask anything. In the end, he wanted to “close the deal” right there and then. When i asked him to put all of this in an email,he declined: “Because this is such sensitive information, and because we offer you such a great deal, we don’t do emails. In fact we had emailed someone before and they got into a fight with another presenter because the other person didn’t’ get the same deal. We want to avoid things like that happening again.” He kept pushing for me to confirm the “deal” as he “could not guarantee that it will be there tomorrow because we have so many great presenters”. When is said i needed to work now and think about it, he agreed to call back the next morning. In the meanwhile I looked up this business and saw that others had complained about it being fraud.

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