Friday, July 1

SuperDeluxe: Misleading Value Meal Advertisement


Source: SuperDeluxe: Misleading Value Meal Advertisement

Discovered on: 2021-10-02 21:37:03

When I visited a SuperDeluxe burger joint in Portland, Oregon today I noticed a misleading advertisement on the giant board next to the menu behind the counter. When I got home I found the same misleading sales pitch on their website which reads “add a regular drink and fries to any sandwich and save $1.”

When I ordered a Single Deluxe burger with fries and a drink they didn’t reduce the price by $1. They should have lowered the price from $5.95 (the price for a Single Deluxe burger) to $4.95. Instead they tried to charge me over $10. It turns out they only subtracted $1 from the line price of the burger before charging more than twice as much to include fries and a drink.

I didn’t feel like paying over $10 just to add fries and a 16 ounce drink, so I just ordered the burger. At least the burger was good though.

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