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Richards Cosmetic Surgery, Med Spa & Laser Center


Source: Richards Cosmetic Surgery, Med Spa & Laser Center

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If you’re looking for plastic surgeons in Las Vegas, avoid Richards Cosmetic Surgery. The clinic is notorious for botching procedures and blaming its clients for them. 

Dr. Bryson Richards has received a ton of complaints from his disgruntled customers and it’s clear that the clinic doesn’t acknowledge them or address them to fix their issues. 

I have shared some of those reviews to help you make a better-informed decision on this matter: 

Who is Dr. Bryson Richards, MD (Richards Cosmetic Surgery)

Richards Cosmetic Surgery is a plastic surgery clinic located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Its address is 3860 S Hualapai Way, Las Vegas, NV 89147, US and the contact number is 702-870-7070. 

Dr. Bryson Richards is affiliated with the Spring Valley Hospital Medical Center and the Summerlin Hospital Medical Center. He earned his medical degree from Weill Cornell Medical College of Cornell University. 

Some of the procedures available at this clinic are:

  • Face lift
  • Eyelid surgery
  • Brow lift
  • Breast lift
  • Labiaplasty
  • Breast reduction
  • Tummy tuck
  • Mommy makeover
  • Breast revision

Along with these procedures, this clinic has a laser center and med spa where you can get fillers and other non-surgical treatments.

Dr. Bryson Richards runs this clinic from 9 AM to 5 PM on weekdays. His website is and you can book an appointment there if you’d like. 

However, his clients suggest otherwise.

According to the various reviews on Richards Cosmetic Surgery, this place is a horrible mess. 

The reviewers share that Dr. Richards doesn’t listen to his clients and has botched numerous procedures. They also complain that he rushes consultations and doesn’t listen to you. 

Below are some of his reviews: 

Botched Breast Augmentation Gave Bottomed Out Implants, Saggy Breasts and Scars

The reviewer shares that she was hesitant to write her review. But she had paid a lot and the results were very disappointing. She was insecure about her breasts and wanted the surgeon to make her areolas smaller and give her perky breasts. 

Dr. Bryson suggested she get a lollipop lift so she did. She shares that the surgery went fine but over time her breasts dropped and they weren’t as perky as she expected. Moreover, he had placid her areolas way too high. When she shared her concerns with Dr. Bryson, he agreed to perform a revision procedure at no charge. 

At the time of surgery, she discussed her expected results with Dr. Bryson and he told her that she would need bigger implants for them. She was baffled because he could’ve told her this in the beginning. 

The results of the revision procedure weren’t very good either. He left her with two prominent scars under her breasts and she shares that she paid a lot for the procedure. 

The reviewer also points out that it didn’t seem like Dr. Bryson cared about the results she wanted. He rushed her consultations and it seemed like he didn’t listen to what she said at all.

She points out that her breasts look saggy and the implants have almost bottomed out as she can feel them under her breasts. Moreover, one breast is bigger than the other and she can feel them sag to the side when she sleeps. 

The botched procedure has made them highly insecure and she says that she is not able to wear dresses without a bra. 

Below are the pictures of the reviewer. You can easily see how Dr. Bryson Richards botched the procedure: 

Staff at Richards Cosmetic Surgery Botched Botox and Fillers, Delivering Horrible Results

The reviewer went to Richards Cosmetic Surgery to get botox after her surgery. She got lip filler and under eye filler. A staff member named Diana had performed this procedure. She had asked the clinic who was the best for such a procedure and they had recommended Diana so she went with her. 

However, they were the most painful shots she has ever received. She points out that Diana overfilled under her left eye while underfilled under her right eye. Diana claims that she is the best injector in the clinic and has taught everyone in the clinic. However, she botched the procedure and doesn’t accept her mistake.

She kept telling the reviewer that she never overfilled and if she did, she would fix it. 

The reviewer shares that she always gets regular botox and it fixes her problem. But this time, it didn’t happen. She waited to see any results but didn’t get any. 

Diana had told her that she wouldn’t put botox on the sides of her lips but she did anyway. This confused the reviewer. Two weeks later, she went in to make a follow-up appointment. The clinic told her that Brandy would be available to fix her issues but the reviewer insisted on getting Diana because she had promised to fix the errors.

However, at the follow-up, no one fixed her issue. Diana, who had promised to fix the issue was unavailable because of an emergency. Brandy refused to perform the procedure. 

The reviewer shares that it was a terrible experience and the clinic didn’t care about her time. They didn’t even care about her well-being and only wasted her time. She adds that she won’t ever come back to this place. 

Below are the pictures she shared along with her review. The first picture was taken 2-weeks after the procedure:

In the night

Dr. Richards Cares More About Money Than His Clients

Melissa points out that the various 5-star reviews on Richards Cosmetic Surgery fooled her. She had purchased a groupon and shares that she doesn’t know how well they treat customers who don’t have one. 

When she walked into the office, she realized that the staff didn’t like her much. Dr. Richards was running back and forth in the office and seemed like he was in a hurry.

The reviewer shares that a nurse came to numb her face and put the substance all over her face and told her that she should discuss the rest of the procedure with Dr. Richards.

When he came in, he said that he was in the middle of a procedure with another client. That’s why he was in a rush. Melissa questioned why he scheduled her appointment at that time when he clearly didn’t have any time.

During the entire conversation, Dr. Richards talked about the things he can’t do. He kept iterating things that won’t work and constantly questioned the reviewer if she had injections before. 

Dr. Richards also made fun of her questions and expectations. Then, he started telling her about the things he can’t do again. The reviewer only had a groupon for one injection and he kept telling her that he usually injects three, one for each side of the face and one for the lips. 

Finally, he injected half a syringe on each side of her face. However, Melissa shares that she wanted to walk out of the procedure because he kept mocking her and made condescending remarks about her appearance. Dr. Richards told her that she has uneven lips and the next time she should just go to her regular nurse. 

Melissa shares that it seems he is very money-hungry and greedy. All he cares about is money. 

Filler Left a Shelf Above the Lips and Poor Results with the Eye

The reviewer had injections from a staff member named Trevor. She shares that she has been getting fillers for a long time and had never experienced issues like these. After her injections, she got a large shelf above her lip. Trevor had suggested she use a q-tip and push towards her lips to get rid of the shelf. But even after 2 weeks, the shelf is still there.

He didn’t add any filler to the lower half of her top lip. But he added a lot of filler outside of her lip line. 

She had to get another appointment to get the filler dissolved but he made it seem like it was her fault that the filler was injected outside of the lip line. Moreover, she still has a shelf above her lip with a big bruise because of the dissolver. 

She points out that something weird started happening to her eye after Botox. The reviewer has shared a picture of her eye with the poor results of the procedure. She shares that she is unhappy with the way they treated her at the clinic and how they tried to shift the blame on her. 

Below are the reviewer’s pictures:

Implants Bottomed Out Within a Year, Rushed Surgery and No Proper Healing Instructions Given

The reviewer’s implants bottomed out in a year. She points out that Dr. Bryson Richards rushed her surgery and didn’t give her proper healing instructions. Also, he rushed the removal of the stitches and the bandage. She had to undergo two additional surgeries to fix his mistakes. 

Initially, the reviewer was very happy with her surgery. But one month after the procedure, her left breast had dropped and the right one was on the verge of dropping. She loved her results at the start but a year later, the results became terrible as the implants bottomed out. 

Below are the initial reviews she had left on Richards Cosmetic Surgery. Notice how optimistic she was:

There are a ton more reviews on this place that expose the level of service and skill Dr. Richards has. Some of them are below. 

More Reviews of RIchards Cosmetic Surgery:

Conclusion: Surgeon From Hell!

According to the various reviews of the place, Richards Cosmetic Surgery doesn’t seem like a reliable option. Las Vegas is home to various kinds of plastic surgery clinics. You can easily find a better and more trustworthy one.

From botching breast implants to botox injections, this clinic has done it all. It wouldn’t be safe to go there. 

2.5Expert Score

Beware of Dr. Bryson Richards!

Dr. Richards has botched innumerable procedures. He is notorious for ignoring what his clients say and rushing appointments. There are many surgeons in Las Vegas who are far better than this guy. Avoid!


  • Many botched procedures
  • Rushes appointments
  • Doesn’t listen

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