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For those looking to cut cable, YouTube TV creates an alluring alternative. For $64.99 per month, you can stream up to 70 channels a month through the online platform or app. For a bit more every month, you can enjoy YouTube Premium options, including movies and more. With streaming television on the go, many customers wonder: what’s not to like? 

Those with frustrations about their YouTube TV account can easily answer that question, however. Many subscribers have similar complaints about YouTube TV support options. Customers have left reviews on PissedConsumer and many other online sites asking why it can be so challenging to contact their phone support or other forms of YouTube TV customer service. They want to reach out to YouTube chat support. Or perhaps they are frustrated because they have questions about canceling their YouTube TV subscriptions and can’t find a simple way to do it. 

Number of YouTube TV reviews – 3.8K

YouTube TV rating* – 1.8

YouTube TV claimed losses – $1.6M

Successful calls – 3%/29K

Resolved issues – 18

We compiled information from various online sources to determine what customers are saying about the service and why it has the YouTube TV rating it does. Need to contact YouTube TV? We also have that information below. 

  1. Is YouTube TV free?
  2. How to contact customer service by phone?
  3. How to email YouTube TV support?
  4. How to get help via Help Center?
  5. How to contact YouTube TV on social media?

Ready to cut the cord? YouTube TV might be a great way to do exactly that, but you should do a bit of reading first to be sure you know what you’re paying for. After all, if you’re buying a service, it should be the service you expect. 

1. Is YouTube TV Free?

Is YouTube TV free? In short, no. YouTube TV has a monthly subscription fee that you can expect to pay for the service. According to the website, YouTube TV subscriptions cost $64.99 per month typically. There is an advertised special with a reduced monthly rate for the first three months of only $54.99 per month, as well as a button indicating a way to try YouTube TV free trial.

In fact, many complaints are about trying YouTube TV for free and then trying to cancel the service. Customers wonder how to contact YouTube TV to cancel the service once their free trial has ended. 

In a YouTube TV review #2997251, the consumer explains that they have been charged for service after they have “asked several times to cancel my tv service.” Despite trying to contact YouTube customer service and not using the service since September, they have been charged an extra $64 and is hoping for a refund. 

Not everyone is complaining about YouTube TV, however. The service has excellent reviews online from PC Mag, which gave the service four stars, and CNET called it “the best premium live TV streaming service.”

But an excellent service isn’t stopping customers from expressing disappointment in YouTube TV customer support when having questions or concerns, and especially when feeling they have had money taken from their credit cards or bank accounts unfairly. 

A PissedConsumer user named Frank was trying to remove devices from his YouTube TV account and couldn’t find the answers he needed. He became so frustrated trying to contact the company that he left a review online and later made a video review.

He posted a YouTube TV complaint to let others know about the potential communication issues. According to Frank, “Can’t seem to get in contact with anyone at YouTube TV.” He ended his review by simply stating, “This sucks!”

2. How Do I Contact YouTube TV Customer Service by Phone?

When you have an issue with their service, it seems logical to call YouTube TV. For many customers, however, bringing up a YouTube TV complaint by phone is more challenging than they realized. When you try to contact the YouTube TV help center, you will be brought to a series of steps designed to help you.

You will first be given a list of resources that might help and then asked for additional information online. Finally, you are presented with a list of options that you’d think might include a YouTube TV phone number, but it doesn’t. 

Once you drill down to Step 4 in the customer service options, hoping to call YouTube TV, there is no phone option. The YouTube TV customer service number option is simply “closed” or was at the time of writing. There are other contact options available, however. After more digging through online resources and customer reviews, PissedConsumer has found a YouTube customer service phone number you might try: (650) 623-4000. 

Many consumers try to find a YouTube TV phone number through social networks like Twitter. While looking for the number to call YouTube TV support, some users suggest using an option where customer support calls you back.

3. How to Email YouTube TV Customer Support

Unlike phone support, which can be tricky, there are options to contact YouTube TV customer service through email. If you’d like to send a YouTube TV customer service email to the company, you’ll start by working through the four steps in the help center. 

When you visit the YouTube TV help center, you’ll be asked about the issue you’re having. You’ll then be given resources that might help solve the problem without needing to contact YouTube TV. The third step is to gather more information about your account, and finally, you’ll be given your contact options to help manage your YouTube TV subscriptions. 

One of these options is a button for YouTube TV customer service email.  However, as some comments show in various YouTube TV reviews, the contact remains tricky. You don’t get a direct email option. You’ll be asked for your email address and must wait for the company to contact you through email.

4. How to Contact YouTube TV Customer Support via Help Center

There is one more way to bring a YouTube TV complaint to the company in the help center. You may not have the option to call YouTube TV, but you do have the opportunity to chat. In the YouTube TV help center, you’ll be taken through four steps to finding contact options. Once you’ve provided details of your issue and looked through resources, one of the options showing how to contact YouTube TV will be through chat. You can start your YouTube TV customer support chat by simply clicking on the chat button at the help center. If the YouTube TV customer support chat is not immediately available, you will be told how long you are supposed to wait for a customer service representative. 

5. How to Contact YouTube TV Customer Service on Social Media

The final option for how to contact YouTube TV is through social media channels. You can find YouTube TV customer service presence on multiple social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. A few YouTube TV reviews and questions are posted on the official YouTube Facebook page (@youtube), but there is neither a subpage nor dedicated page just for the YouTube TV service. 

The better way to reach YouTube TV customer service would be through Twitter. While not a traditional YouTube TV customer support chat, Twitter is officially linked and supported through the YouTube TV website. The account is very active on the social media profile, making it a great place to do a bit of casual research to answer questions like “Is YouTube TV free?” before signing up or allowing credit card or banking information to change hands. 

If you have questions about your YouTube TV subscriptions or channels, you can ask on Twitter, and the company will contact you as a response. At least, this was the case for a Twitter user named Jkeith who asked about access issues and wondered whether they should cancel their Twitter account. Rather than send a YouTube TV contact support email, Jkeith tweeted about his issues. YouTube TV support responded to his concerns publicly and promptly. 

The YouTube TV free trial can be an appealing way to try the streaming service for the first time. Just set up a YouTube TV login, and you’re on your way to watching shows and movies any time, anywhere. Of course, before you sign up, you’ll want to check the fine print to be sure you know exactly what you’re signing up for and what to expect from the company in the months to come. 

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