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Publishers Clearing House / Reviews, Complaints & Contacts


Source: Publishers Clearing House / Reviews, Complaints & Contacts

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Publishers Clearing House / Reviews, Complaints & Contacts

Publishers Clearing House / Reviews, Complaints & Contacts

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Publishers Clearing House / reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Feb 21, 2007.
The latest review not winning was posted on Apr 9, 2021.
The latest complaint scratch cards? was resolved on Dec 02, 2014.
Publishers Clearing House / has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 277 reviews.
Publishers Clearing House / has resolved 73 complaints.

Publishers Clearing House / Customer Service Contacts

101 Winners Circle
Port Washington, New York
United States11050

Inquire about PCH Sweepstakes Scams
+1 800 392 4190

Order Status, Sweepstakes Concerns, & Billing Questions
+1 800 459 4724

Technical Issues with the PCH Website
+1 800 476 4724

Pay for an Order by Telephone
+1 800 566 4724

Request Your PCH Account Number or Customer ID Number
+1 800 566 4724

Publishers Clearing House / Complaints & Reviews

Publishers Clearing House / PCH.comnot winning

I have been a customer now for 14 years, ordering products and going through the motions in trying to win to No Avail! searching every single day, filling out thousands of forms taking hours of time from my day and for what? to me, this is a complete waste of my precious time and money! I honestly believe that no one wins on Pch…I think a few customers are paid to use their names, stating that they have won. I also believe this is nothing but a gimmick to entice poor people like me to make sales! I am very tired of spending countless hours of my time trying to pursue a fake dream of winning on PCH! I am ready to call it quits and to put the word out there that this is fake and not a reality…PCH, you have wasted so much of my time in false hopes of winning for 14 long years and I am ready to stop now!!!

Publishers Clearing House / PCH.comStepping Stone order placed, shipped and never received

Placed order for Lighthouse Stepping Stone at beginning of February 2021. It was processed on 2-11 then shipped on [protected].

Believing that it would arrive any day, I paid for this item in full on 3-3-2021.

The date is now [protected] and it still has not arrived.

I’m growing Quite Concerned. I would greatly appreciate your looking into & remedying this matter asap.

Thank You
Anna M Shepard
cust ID [protected]
visa confirm [protected]

Publishers Clearing House / PCH.comDust pan and broom set

Customer number [protected]
order Number [protected]

I expected a much better product. Needless to say was very disappointed in quality of product. For such a large company, I would think that the product would be better. The handles on both do not stay on!

PCH — Not winning

I’m Carolyn Dukes and I’ve been ordering since I was very young, back when you had the coupon book…

Publishers Clearing House /$30.00 Free item pay S&H with an order today.

I have ordered and paid the S&H for the $30 item.
I have gotten 7-piece Kitchen Towel Set valued at 12.45 twice; Brian Games valued at 14.95 1 time; 7- Piece Kitchen Set value unknown twice, and Seasonal Cards can’t remember the value at least 3 times. Nothing close to $30.
If you want to give me something that I can actually like/use/want, would be like the Coco Cola Beverage Truck 1:87 scale $24.95; 1955 Chevy Pick-ups 1:45 scale $19.95; 1958 Studebaker 1:45 scale $19.95, or Knives like the eagle, wolf, etc. Mainly some thing that is actually close to $30 instead of Items I have an over abundance of.

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Publishers Clearing House / PCH.comIt have been over a month and still have not received my kissing bears salt and pepper shakers or the men’s moccasins

I ordered salt and pepper shakers the kissing bears and men’s moccasins last month and still have not got them just say in route to Princeton Illinois it’s been saying that for 2 weeks to 3 weeks. I ordered them as a late Christmas gift for my husband and I’m really upset I play your games every day and the last time I ordered it was here fast so what’s going on

Publishers Clearing House / PCH.comProduct not received after 7+ weeks

I’m still waiting for the delivery of an order placed with PCH on 12/3/20. Today is 1/30/21. The order is stuck at Pitney Bowes (your shipping partner) in Greenwood, Indiana since 12/11/20, just 25 miles from my home. This is the second time Pitney Bowes has lost my orders. Why do you use them and where is my (Christmas Gift) package? Order# [protected]. Cust # [protected]. Order was paid in full on 12/4/20.

Publishers Clearing House / PCH.comNorth shore agency is trying to collection money on behalf of publishers clearing house from me

My name is Tina Hill and I am being harassed with mail from North Shore Agency as they claim they are attempting to collect a debt from me on behalf of Publisher’s Clearing House for a purchase they allege I made.
Creditor: Publishers Clearing House
creditor customer ID :[protected]
NSA ID #[protected]
amount: $27.76

I do not owe either of these businesses for anything, I have not made any recent [protected]) purchases from Publishers Clearing House, and I want this matter resolved now and this agency to stop with the collection of letters and phone calls. This is negatively impacting my credit rating and my husband and I are now unable to refinance our mortgage because of it.

Publishers Clearing House / PCH.comScam

I have been harassed by people claiming to be from Publishers Clearing House. They told me to go to Walmart pay $200 pick up a vanilla card and then they would be at my house with champagne and pictures. They are constantly sending me text messages and messages through Facebook. The phone numbers that are sending me texts and calling me are [protected] from Julian, NC and [protected]. This number is from Damascus MD. They are driving me nuts. If you can help I would appreciate it.

Publishers Clearing House / — All prize allocations

I am going to lay it all out on the table. You can strip my phone of all info but I have been more careful…

Publishers Clearing House / PCH.comSearch caution not a complaint

I don’t want to file a complaint but don’t know how to share a problem the website had yesterday. When I went to do a $600/week for life search it showed up $6, 000/week for life. Took a screenshot. Wanted to give you a heads up in case anyone fights about it. I’m sure there was just an error some where but could open for filed complains. I will be adding an attachment to show you what showed up. Not sure if somehow to send out a disclaimer for protection in case I suites. Just a thought. Hope this helps.

Publishers Clearing House / PCH.comLotto

With PCHLotto you get tokens for numbers matched from the previous day and games. They give the chance to double those tokens if you play their Playpack. Today I had earned 81, 000 + tokens and so was eager to get that matched. I of course had clicked on the double your tokens.

Well I finished and it did not give me double the tokens! I want that 81, 000 + tokens!

– Donna Walters


adam semone — USA

Nov 28, 2020

This review was posted by
a verified customer

Verified customer

Publishers Clearing House / PCH.comToken game issues

for some unknown reason lost ability to play most token games, nothing on my end has changed but can’t access or finish anything for few weeks now.home, instant win, scratch off, sweepstakes, slots, quizzes, etc just not opening.can’t even watch videos anymore.been using same cable company and computor for over fifteen years now.why all of a sudden these problems.also browser now freezes over ten times daily.

Publishers Clearing House / — The 2.5 million dollar mega prize contest

I too have been playing pch for 4 years. I played every day including sundays (my sabbath. I considered it to…

Publishers Clearing House / PCH.comToo much candy being delivered

I just received and paid for invoice number [protected] english toffee caramels. I do not wish to receive any more candies, I am now on a low sugar diet. Thank you, roy tierney account number [protected]

Publishers Clearing House / PCH.compch rewards tokens member level

Pch sales for sweepstakes redlevel or member scamed pn pch sales adds on redeem tokens rewards website lose pch members do win get anything for redeem tokens oct pch letter tokens earn oct scamed pch rewards web each day sweepstakes technical spots – each day sales pch on line bill pay on! Website upgrade payments paid online offer 5 payments s each sale add mail in fast back payments sales high priced not good name brand sales chain sales – shipping prices high priced mad over old debts from, years customer sales lose – sweepstakes cheat out tokens redeem redeem for 100 entries time 300, entries day cost a lot of tokens redeem oct pch ketter only redeem 84 times redeem for paid – 100 hundrends entries oct 2020


andy910 — USA

Oct 28, 2020

This review was posted by
a verified customer

Verified customer

Publishers Clearing House / PCH.commens wallet

this order was cancel over a month ago I need to know how send the package back please let me know buy E mail anderson.[protected] customer ID [protected] order no.[protected] thank you carl anderson

Publishers Clearing House / PCH.comSurvey

I’m very concerned. I’ve been a loyal player and customer for many years. I received a survey in priority mail envelop. I pay up to date and they are going to suspend my account if I don’t answer survey. I called the number. A lady said hello but didn’t identify herself or company she worked for. I gave her my account number and first name. She said they were an independent company that does surveys for PCH and she would call me back when their lines are up. I was assured it had nothing to do with billing issues. Still waiting. I’m sure this won’t help my odds of winning, ever. Is she someone stealing my account number? I know PCH has many opportunities and No, you don’t have to make a purchase to win. I have bought merchandise that I’ve used-kitchen, garden, pet, magz. Could someone please contact me so I know what’s going on? Thank you. [protected]@

Publishers Clearing House / PCH.comRedeeming tokens and game closing in middle of game.

This is a terrible practice of PCH. We are not able to redeem tokens, the game closes half way through, you have to go back to last screen to continue game
and lose that hand. Up until now I have enjoyed playing but as of now I am
done. It is too frustrating. You should be ashamed. If you can’t do your job
you should shut down the games until you get it right.

Publishers Clearing House / PCH.comFraud and harassment

Whom ever it may concern, I would like too file a complaint on what my neighbors have plotted trying to hack into my account and other conspiracies. They put sensors all over my home, my fathers home, my brothers home with these same sensors trying time make me go crazy so they can hack into my account wanting to steal my momentum. They put sensors all over their A/C’s so I can hear this day in and day out, saying that I won with pch with they sensors having your name on it. They used these these devices to plot something really bad wanting to make a movie. There are others involved In which I will disclose once contacted. They have gone as far as not letting play my games this week because they hacked my account again and changing my password. Please contact me as soon as possible my email is [protected]

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