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PetSmart Reviews, Complaints & Contacts


Source: PetSmart Reviews, Complaints & Contacts

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PetSmart Reviews, Complaints & Contacts

PetSmart Reviews, Complaints & Contacts

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PetSmart reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Mar 21, 2007.
The latest review Petsmart Groomer Cherry was posted on Jun 14, 2021.
The latest complaint grooming/unethical behavior was resolved on Aug 25, 2018.
PetSmart has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 502 reviews.
PetSmart has resolved 96 complaints.

PetSmart Customer Service Contacts

19601 N. 27th Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona
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PetSmart Complaints & Reviews

PetSmart — Petsmart Groomer Cherry

Today Monday June 14th 10:30, took my Pekingese (Lucky) in for grooming. Cherry was the groomer for Lucky. I requested a short hair cut like I normally do. Cherry informed me that she will cut Lucky this time and for me to start looking for a new grooming place for my dog. I have been using PetSmart services for over 5 -6 years. This particular groomer Cherry says Pekingese should not be cut low. Cherry says not to bring Lucky back there at PetSmart. I did check with my vet at Banfield and was informed that getting a low haircut was ok. None of the other groomers I used in the pass had a problem cutting my dog down low. I feel if I am paying my money I should get the dog cut the way requested. Please reply. Feel free the reach me at [protected]

PetSmart — Appointments Made for Grooming and not Fulfilled

Made an appointment(Delran, NJ) for full grooming. The day before received call asking if dog could arrive one hour earlier. Advised Pet Smart worker that attempt would be made to leave work earlier. However, I still needed travel time to return to area, pick up dog and drive to appointment. Response, it should be fine when you arrive. Appointment changed from 3:00pm to 2:00pm and we arrived in the store at 2:05pm the next day.

Waited outside grooming space for another customer to come out of check in area due to COVID requirements. Walked in with dog after pet owner completed check in and was told my scheduled grooming appointment couldn’t be completed due to a tight schedule.Time was 2:15pm when other pet owner exited check in. So, my early leave from work, drive, pick up and arrival were a waste of time!!!

Spoke to manager, but she gave no support or alternative. As a result, other grooming alternatives are underway and going forward my pet will groomed, but not with Pet Smart. Poor service and leadership displayed and experienced!

PetSmart — Dog Grooming in escondido


Had Gretels nails clipped, ok job, only a few minutes. BUT – the girl going over an admittance for with me, spoke so rapidly while reading disclaimers, that I had to stop her and say “what” 3 times.

I can understand busy, but I don’t want to be rushed, That fast talk is very rude and disrespectful. Slow down, talk nice, English is your first language, Customers pay your salary, NOT the store.

PetSmart — Grooming

On 5-27-21 I dropped off my dog hunter for a examine at Banfield I asked if they could trim the hair around his eye. Well who ever groomed him did a absolute horrible job. The area trimmed is uneven and his skin is very irritated above his right eye I can’t believe I was charged 36 dollars for this. Iv had this done before and never seen it come out this bad. I will never ever use petsmart for any grooming needs.

PetSmart — Grooming service

I usually take my dog to the Petsmart on 41st and yale location, this is a great store. Unfortunately they…

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PetSmart — In-store service

I have reached out to Corporate now three times for the same issue. The first time the store manager of the Hospitality Lane San Bernardino store reached out with an apology and was invited to return and was told that I would not be hassled again. However, the harassment continues. I am unable to wear a mask. I am being treated like a second class citizen. Intimidated. Called out. Lectured. Ask my reasons. All violations of FEDERAL LAW. I am to be serviced EQUALLY. The last time I was lectured by whoever answers their emails. I pointed out the FEDERAL LAWS they are breaking, and then received an email that said “never mind”. Today I went to the store to get some cat food. The cashier told me I had to have a mask on because it was store policy. I told her that store policy also allowed me to shop, to please ring me up so I could go. She called on her mic to her manager and said “customer without a mask at the register”. She proceeded to ask my reasons, which is a violation of my privacy. Her store manager approached. I asked for a pen to write down their names and was declined. I dug in my purse and found one and wrote their names down. I asked for employee numbers and was told that was personal information. Well, so is the reason why I don’t wear a mask.

They are a private business with a legal classification as one serving with public accommodation according to Federal Law. Title III Reg 28 CFR 36.104 states that they serve the public and therefore must abide by all state and federal laws. No business policy supersedes the law. No governor’s order, health order, emergency or pandemic supersedes our Constitutionally-protected rights.

Title III Sections 36.202 a, b, c and 36.203 a, b, c states that I shall not be denied the same participation and equal access as everyone else. The law prohibits them from serving me separately or differently. That means they cannot lecture me, or point me out, or ask me anything about my personal decisions.

PetSmart — Grooming department

The Pet Smart Store on Route 40 in Catonsville Maryland has ruddness problem My Dog had an appointment today 5/15/21 at 9 A.M, and when I arrived with my dog there was no one to check her in nor answer the phone and then Rachel came and answered the phone not once but twice not acknowledging that I was there until she finish all of her conversion with both her phone calls then processed to say she would get my dogs grooming I waited and when she came out by the way her name was Cyn she ask was my dog was getting done because she said who ever put my dog on the schedule didn’t make note I ask if she was new and with an attitude she reply I have 35 years of experants and she was looking for an argument so I said I just go elsewhere and get her done. I am not letting someone with that kind of attitute do my pet. I Then came home and called the store ask for store manager who answer and said her name was Kelly and I explained the problem with Cyn and that I had already waited 2 months to get the appointment I would like to see what could be done and she told me that I shouldn’t had left I should have ask for another groomer but she would give me to the manager of the grooming department who by the way was Rachel and when she got to the phone she was as rudd as Cyn and told me that Cyn was the only one qualitfied to do my dog and the next appt. would be on 6/4/21 which is a Friday. not good enough should have been done today or on Sunday.

PetSmart — Banfield pet hospital

My name is Rachel Bentley and I have been a loyal customer since about [protected]. My last pet received nothing but the best of care and inspired me to consider yall part of the family. Last October we purchased a new pet named Dolly and took her to the office to schedule an appointment in person, in part because no one would answer the phone. Once there we met a nice young man who booked us for an appointment two weeks out. When I showed up to that appointment i was told that no such appointment existed and that they could fit me in Nov 19, 2020. We got our visit, first shots and signed up for the well ness plan. At that time I tried to book her spay appointment only to be told to call back later. I called back later that month and the receptionist told me to call back in Jan 2021. In Jan 2021 I called back and was able to book spay appointment on March 26, THREE MONTHS AWAY. ON March 26 I brought Dolly in and was told that the MD that day could not perform a [procedure they recommended with a spay called a nasal dilation- my pet is a pug. So they cancelled me and told me to call back and reschedule. I called back again to reschedule and was able to get May 11!!! The office started calling me to confirm appointment Thursday, May 6- I RE-confirmed an appointment I’ve been trying to make for 6-7 months. On May 10 they left a voicemail to confirm again and if I didn’t confirm my appointment would be cancelled. I called back to RE CONFIRM yet again. On May 11, I showed up to the vet, only to be told that they were cancelling A G A I N. They said they would call me back with next available spay appointment. I am livid with how poor our care has been the whole time. There are either too many clients they cant support them or the office manager is terrible and there is always staff turnover in which case no one is ever well trained and competent. Today, I spoke with Vonda at the hospital services line in an effort to cancel out wellness plan. I was forced to pay out of it even though this company is not able to fulfil their part of contract in a timely manner. There is so much wrong with this office that if it continues I worry about job security for theme as well as pet/patient safety. I feel that I should not have to pay to cancel and yet should in fact receive a refund for payments from Jan 2021-april 2021 since we could not bee seen or fit in the schedule on their part. Vonda did the best she can, she is innocent in the case. However, I did report this company to the Better Business Bureau, and still would like a refund of payments totaling jan-april 180$ PLUS the cancellation fee of 275.70. I am asking for 455.70 total. Vonda Finally did offer me the option of going to another Banfield pet hospital but I am just so disgusted with the whole system that is sounds appalling. She also suggested that I email you as well, to see if anything further could be done.

Looking Forward to your input,

Rachel Bentley
2230 Fox Ave
Nashville TN 37210

PetSmart — Grooming

I took my 2 small dogs in to be groomed one is a Shiz Tuz and a Maltese /Shiz Tuz on the Maltese [censored] Tuz…

PetSmart — Grooming appointment

Q: is it petsmarts policy to not call customers as promised?
A:yes, most definitely, they could care le…

PetSmart — Service and policies

First I go into petsmart with my husband and 2 dogs, one 12 pound dog was on a leash and the other 3 pound dog was in my arms. I was informed that there is a leash policy at which time I explained I was there to buy a harness for her because she could not have things around her neck and I would not put her down. I was rudely informed it didn’t matter and she puts a leash around her neck. I say nothing and loosen it as I walk away. I go do my shopping spending over 100 dollars and get to the checkout where I want the sales price but didn’t have my email and told again no email no sale price. I then went to petco and they were more then happy to have my business.

PetSmart — Your entire store!!

I live in Texas where the Mask ban has been LIFTED, But NOT in your store. You are violating so many of my civil rights I dont know where to begin. I am currently looking into bring a class action law suite against Pet smart if you do not respond to this message. The mask ban has been lifted in Texas!!!
Get rid of your mask requirement of face legal action!!!
And I wont be shopping at your store until you do. I spend about 100.00 per month in your store. There are tens of thousands of people just like me that feel the same way I do. That is going to be one hell of a drop in your business if you do not take immediate action.


A Yam — USA

May 01, 2021

This review was posted by
a verified customer

Verified customer

PetSmart — Aquarium Fish

On April 8th we went and bought a fish tank to prepare it for a betta fish. We ran the tank for a few days and then on April 16th, went to go get our new friend. I want to amplify this simple fact, I am not a beginner when it comes to betta fish, and the only reason I was going to get another fish is because my sister was ready for her first one. I wanted to offer my expertise, but unfortunately this betta had a severe case of ick and despite everything we did to save him we were not successful, he died. We cleaned the tank thoroughly and talked about our next steps. My sister decided she would want to get fish that she has had experience with in an attempt to still have a gorgeous aquarium. On April 28th we went to PetSmart again, a different one from the one we got the sick betta fish from, and got guppies this time. We are not beginners with guppies and today we woke up to two dead and the other three sick obviously sick with some sort of parasite. It’s honestly traumatizing to have to experience this with fish from PetSmart and makes me question the practices of PetSmart. The amount of money we’ve spent before is the most we ever have, from buying the tank, all the decorations, to ick medicine, conditioner to make tap water fresh, a water heater, to fish food (two different kinds Betta and Tropical), and we’ve most had to deal with the absolute trauma of having fish drop dead on us. In our tank there are still three guppies, one frog, and three shrimps alive but I do not have hope for them. I can already see behaviors of sickness in them and do not have the money to save them. For our current tank we already prepared for the possible outbreak of ick but were absolutely sidetracked with this development of parasites.

PetSmart — Grooming personnel

We’ve been steady customers of Petsmart for nearly 30 years. I’ve always taken our smaller dog…

PetSmart — Grooming

On 3.16.21 I recvd a call at 10:47 to schedule an appointment for my dog Lucy I have been bringing there for 4 years. The appointment date was scheduled for Sunday 3.28.21 at 2pm. When I arrived there were 3 employees in the grooming department. I was told that Lucy didn’t have an appointment and that I probably called the wrong store! I explained to them I didn’t call that someone called me. I haven’t brought her in a while as my dad was sick and had surgery. The ladies tried again to look and told me no Lucy didnt have an appointment. A heavy set black woman was grooming a dog and said when you come next time. I said excuse me? She said next time we can give you a discount. I said nope! I have being coming her for 4 years, I HAVE NEVER made an appointment at the wrong store and you need to figure it out. After waiting another 5 minutes, I went to my car pulled up the phone log on 3.16.2021 with the incoming call from the Grooming department at 10:47 am and went back in to find the store manager. I found a young man who said he was one of the managers. I told him I needed the corporate office address, and I needed to know who worked on 3.16.21 at 10:47am in the groomers as I was making a complaint. He said he didnt know but would ask the other manager who was ringing on the cash register. When he asked him for the schedule for the information I needed he said why? He said this lady here needs it. He told him that I can go ask in grooming and dismissed me. I said excuse me you are the manager? He replied yes. I SAID WRONG ANSWER FROM YOU! He rang up 2 more customers and ignored me for almost 2 minutes standing there AND THEN turns to me and says ya know there are only 2 of us working right now. Really? How is that my concern? What does that have to do with me and my issues right now which you never asked me about. I explained everything and he gave me a number of [protected] and that was it. I asked for the corporate address, and who worked the schedule on 3.16.2021 at 10:47am. He now tells me Maria and Geo worked that day but I don’t know who called you? He hands me the paper and walks away. I asked another employee to hand me her pen so I can write the 2 names down which he didn’t and to get his name which is Evan. HE NEEDS CUSTOMER SERVICE TRAINING AND SHOULD NOT BE A MANAGER! He has zero management skills. Watch the video to see how long he ignored me at the counter. I have the screen shot on my phone from my incoming call to prove the grooming department called me to schedule the appointment. The answer the ladies gave in the grooming department, WRONG!! Everyone needs an re-education! Everyone! You have just lost a customer of 4 years.

PetSmart — Grooming/unethical behavior

Today, I took my 2 dogs (16 and 8) to Petsmart in NorthBrunswick, NJ for grooming. Initially, they had a 3pm…

PetSmart — Grooming

Petsmart located at 1745 W Bethany Home Rd Phoenix Arizona.
My name is Angelina Langston and my complaint i…

PetSmart — Dog trainer mustang sally at the easton petsmart in columbus ohio

The above named Trainer threatened to call the ASPCA on us in a veiled threat when asked a question of how to…

PetSmart — Animal abuse by grooming salon employee

I typically take my dog Bishop in for a nail grind only at 14137 Rivergate Pkwy, Charlotte, NC 28273…

PetSmart — Grooming

To whom it may concern.
I am writing this letter due the complaint I wish to address. Until January of 2021…

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