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Options for damaged GoPro8 – Scams/Ripoffs


Source: Options for damaged GoPro8 – Scams/Ripoffs

Discovered on: 2021-10-17 14:40:06

Options for damaged GoPro8

Dear Sirs,

I’m writing to you with a hope that you can help me about my problem.

Before two weeks I have bought a new camera GoPro Hero 8, as a birthday present for my 13-year-old son.

He was so happy, because he was dreaming about it for last few months to get it. Camera is really fantastic, he enjoyed it a lot.

Every single day he is making videos from his bike adventures. He already has a standard Canon EOS 60D, but GoPro camera is much more than a standard one.

This weekend we were on seaside, and of course he was making spectacular videos on the sea. As well the nighttime laps were fantastic, without the presence of streetlights.

Now, we’re coming to tough part…

Somehow water came inside the camera and everything stops working.

Immediately we open it, take our battery and SD card and dry only by air (not with the fan) and put it into the rice (we found it as good advice for drying it – sometimes it helps).

In our case, this doesn’t help; so we have now a brand-new GoPro that doesn’t work anymore.

Is there any solution to help us about this problem? I suppose this case is not covered by an official warranty 🙁

What can you suggest us?

Many thanks in advance for your reply,

with kind regards!


Monetary Loss:

Preferred solution:
Let the company propose a solution.

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