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OnStar – Terrible customer service Nov 10, 2021


Source: OnStar – Terrible customer service Nov 10, 2021

Discovered on: 2021-11-11 01:01:07

I have been an OnStar customer for the past 8 years, I have never been impressed by their offerings or service and especially not happy with their customer service. The past 2 weeks dealing with their customer service was an eye opener.

I have 2 newer, and quite expensive Chevrolet vehicles that I utilize the OnStar services on. I had negotiated a relatively good monthly price with OnStar, unfortunately about a month ago my lease was up on my 2018 Tahoe, with the current vehicle shortages, I decided to purchase my lease end buyout. Unbeknownst to me OnStar decided to give me a complimentary one month free subscription, which would have been great if they had told me. My wife was driving the Tahoe last week and Onstar called her in the car over the onboard OnStar speaker and told her that our plan was running out in a few days.

Since she was driving she had me call OnStar to see what was going on. I called them and they proceeded to tell me that they had given me a complimentary month free of charge and the one month was up in a few days and that I had to renew my month by month longterm deal to continue to receive the OnStar service. This is where it gets interesting , I explained to them I wanted to get the same deal that I had previously negotiated fir my Tahoe and my Silverado. Of course this is where they tried jacking up the monthly prices, I argued with them and finally got them to agree to a reduced price close to where my old package price was.

That was about a 1 hour conversation, not too bad yet! Then this morning , my wife had to run out and asked me to check how much gas she had in her Tahoe, which is one of the nice features of OnStar, from your “My Chevrolet”, mobile app you can check things like gas levels, tire pressures, how much oil life left before the next service , and you can locate your vehicle , lock/unlock the doors, flash the lights and horn and locate the vehicle, kinda cool. So I pulled up my OnStar mobile app, guess what it wasn’t working. I called their customer service, was put on hold waiting for a technical service rep for 28 minutes, then they hung up on me.

I called back again another 32 minutes on hold , then hung up on again. I then tried pulling the Tahoe out of the garage thinking I might get someone using the OnStar service button on the car. It worked, I explained the whole situation again to the customer service rep that I had negotiated a new contract on both vehicles and got close to the same price for the same service I previously had, and the Onstar rep said, the reason your mobile app isn’t working is because your plan doesn’t include it. But of course for a much higher monthly plan , I can have it turned on.

I proceeded to tell the rep I spent an hour with the previous rep negotiating the same services I had previously before they decided to give me a “free” month, which included the mobile App. After arguing for another 20 minutes and getting nowhere, I asked to speak with a manager, they put me on hold for 40 minutes in my Tahoe with the SUV running to not drain the battery while on the OnStar service from the car. Finally the rep came back on and said “I think all the managers are in a meeting” , at this point I went ballistic, I said “let me get this straight, I asked to speak to a manager, you put me on holdvwith my vehicle running for 40 minutes only to come back on and tell me all your managers are in a meeting” . He said , you can continue to hold , or we can ask a manager to call you back in an hour.

That was 5 hours ago, no call back. OnStar Customer Service Sucks!!!

User’s recommendation:
Stay away from Onstar , nice to have if you don’t have to deal with their Customer Service, terrible.

Monetary Loss:

Preferred solution:
Price reduction.

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