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Novad Management Consulting Reviews, Complaints & Contacts | Complaint…


Source: Novad Management Consulting Reviews, Complaints & Contacts | Complaint…

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Novad Management Consulting Reviews, Complaints & Contacts | Complaint …

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Novad Management Consulting reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Feb 22, 2017.
The latest review Reverse mortgage was posted on Oct 17, 2021.
The latest complaint Reverse mortgage year end statement was resolved on Mar 05, 2021.
Novad Management Consulting has an average consumer rating of 1 stars from 35 reviews.
Novad Management Consulting has resolved 3 complaints.

Novad Management Consulting Customer Service Contacts

8181 Professional Place, Suite 208
Hyattsville, Maryland
United States20785

Oklahoma Office

2401 NW 23rd Street, Suite 1A1, Oklahoma City, OK 73107 is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Novad Management Consulting Customer Service. Initial Novad Management Consulting complaints should be directed to their team directly. You can find contact details for Novad Management Consulting above. is an independent complaint resolution platform that has been successfully voicing consumer concerns since 2004. We are doing work that matters – connecting customers with businesses around the world and help them resolve issues and be heard.

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Novad Management Consulting Complaints & Reviews

Novad Management Consulting — Reverse mortgage

I am a real estate broker attempting to help an elderly woman sell her home. I’m trying to reach someone in customer service to find out if we have any negotiating room. Her home is likely worth less than what she has drawn off the reverse mortgage. I would like a customer service person to contact me if possible. I also want her mortgage insurance dropped and all of the documents she or her late husband signed at closing. I mailed this request derided delivery along with a fax. I have yet to hear back from anyone. I’m hoping to resolve this soon.

Thank you!!

Novad Management Consulting — Customer Service

My mother foolishly got a reverse mortgage on her home. First, let me say i would never recommend this to ANYONE!!!

We are being charged double for taxes and there is no one that answers the phone or email and no the pandemic has nothing to do with answering a phone from your own home.

I expect for someone to answer this asap and no is ot an option for you Novad

Novad Management Consulting — Reverse mortgage

Anyone considering a Reverse Mortgage should look at customer reviews of
NOVAD before even thinking about doing business with a company that has numerous complaints about their business tactics…
I have been on the phone numerous times, sometimes for an hour… I have also left several voice mails, all to no avail.
I have attempted to use their email and just go around in circles. Lately I have resorted to registered mail with a compulsory reply…
This is also a company that accrues staggering interest rates of over $1000.00 per month, & when asked for a final payoff amount once again there is no reply…I looked at customer reviews and found many complaints and only one compliment…

Novad Management Consulting — Notice of servicing transfer

I received a letter dated September 22, 2021 advising me that my mortgage loan was being transferred as of October 8, 2021 from NOVAD Management Consulting, LLC. The letter stated that my mortgage payments were currently being collected by NOVAD Management but my new servicer will be ISN Corporation-Western Operations Center to the attention of Secretary Held Servicing at 2000 N Classen Blvd, Suite 3200 Oklahoma City OK 73106. NOVAD Management is not my current mortgage servicer.

Novad Management Consulting — Transfer of service

I received a letter today from Novad Management about my loan being transferred. I do not know these people…

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Novad Management Consulting — HUD reverse mortgage FHA [protected] Notice of Intent to Foreclose

Received Notice of Intent to Foreclose by 10/8/2020. Have been attempting contact with Novad since 9/16/2021 when letter received. 2 URGENT requests for callback to me have been sent by HUD call center reps. to Novad. No calls from Novad have been received. Desperate to resolve asap. 71 year old widow now suffering great emotional distress due to lack of communication on this critical letter sent by Novad. M Victory [protected] [protected]

Novad Management Consulting — Notice of Servicing Transfer

I received a letter stating that there was going to be a Notice of Servicing Transfer on my mortgage that it was currently serviced by Novad Management Consulting and being transferred to ISN Corporation on Oct 8th, 2021.
I have never heard of them and if I would have sent them my payment, I would have gone into foreclosure. Their needs to be consequences to this fraud.

Novad Management Consulting — Notice of Servicing transfer

Got a letter in the mail stating they were transferring our mortgate from Novad to ISN Corp, starting Oct 8th. Although I have not called my actual mortgage lender yet, I am sure this is a scam. They only put my husband’s name on the letter and the mortgage is in both our names. Plus our mortgage is not and has never been with Novad. Been with the same lender the last 15 years. Will be calling my lender to verify but given how many complaints are on here regarding the exact same letter I am confidant this is a scam.

Novad Management Consulting — Notice of Servicing Transfer

Received a letter stating that there was going to be a Notice of Servicing Transfer on my mortgage that it was currently serviced by Novad Management Consulting and being transferred to ISN Corporation, my current lender and servicer is NOT NOVAD and I called my actual servicer and they advised me that is a scam and my mortgage is still with them. They have no documentation on my account about it being transferred. Do not call the number on the letter call your actual servicer first and confirm with them.

Novad Management Consulting — Unnecessary and untruth correspondence

Damages are requested. There is no truth to the correspondence received and penalties should stowed upon you. Please take me off your list and stop sending me coorespondace to the effect of Novad and ISN taking over my mortgage. My Mortgage lender indicated this correspondence can be foreseen as a scam. Receiving this caused me to stress out and it took a day for me to call around, email and reach someone who could explain. I should’ve been put through that.

Novad Management Consulting — Fake transfer of mortgage letter

I received a fake Notice of Servicing Transfer from NOVAD Management Consulting, LLC for my mortgage. My mortgage company PHH has no record of transferring my mortgage. This is a scam.

Novad Management Consulting — Notice of servicing transfer

I received a letter dated September 22, 2021 stating my mortgage loan is being transferred from Novad…

Novad Management Consulting — Service Transfer Scam

I received a letter today stating my mortgage is being transferred from NOVAD to ISN. Both addresses are in Oklahoma City. Our mortgage is and always has been w another mortgage lender and we have not received any notifications otherwise. I immediately looked up the company NOVAD Management Consulting and saw there have been other reports of scams coming to people via letter.

Novad Management Consulting — Fake loan transfer letter

Just received my scam letter dated Sept 22. This is sad and pathetic attempt to scam people. These people should be charged to the full extent of the law.

  • Ic

    Oct 13, 2021

    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer

    Verified customer

    I got this same fake [censored] letter and knew right away because the professional way to change servicers is for the original servicer to send a letter telling you they will no longer have your mortgage with the new servicers name and information. They do it like this so that there’s no surprise of where to send that payment 😜

Novad Management Consulting — NoVad

I received one of those letters circulating about taking over my mortgage, and there is absolutely no information from my current mortgage holder pertaining to anyone including this company who has an absolutely horrible reputation for scamming homeowners.

I will not be harassed by this company under any circumstances, my record with my provider is stellar therefore.

Noone including whoever owns Novad. And under the protection laws, I feel as though these people should be made to pay for the undo stress on myself as a 12+ years homeowner in very good standing.


Novad Management Consulting — Notice of servicing transfer

Novad Management Consulting — Mortgage Transfer

9/22/2021 Boags Letter of Servicing Transfer
Dear Borrower,
The servicing of you mortgage loan is being transferred, October 8, 2021. This means that after this date, a new Servicer will be collecting your mortgage loan payments from you. NOVAD Management Consulting, LLC now collects you payments.

I do not have a loan and have never had a loan with NOVAD Management Consulting LLC, I attached a copy of the letter received. I’m also contacting the BBB, my Mortgage lender and the FBI Fraud Division.

Novad Management Consulting — Scam

I received a letter, dated 9/22/2021. The letter appeared to be from Novad Management Consulting and/or ISN (Information System & Networks) Corporation. The letter stated that my servicer was changing from Novad to ISN. Only, I have never done business with Novad. I also noticed that my loan number was inaccurate and there was no actual mortgage information (i.e. payment amount or mortgage balance).
Thankful I am a researcher and didn’t simply change my mortgage payment because I would have voluntarily sent payments to this company/address. Someone could be out thousands of dollars before being contacted by their actual loan servicer and/or have negative effects on credit before they even realize this.

Novad Management Consulting — Fake mortgage loan servicing letter

I received a letter from Novad consulting yesterday saying they were transferring the servicing of my loan to another group. I called my mortgage servicer and they verified this letter is fake. I have never even heard of novad consulting. I also realized that the letter is fake when somw information is missing from the real mortgage. This company needs to be shut down immediately, if it’s even a real company.

Novad Management Consulting — Fake letter of servicing loan

I received a letter from novad dated 09/22/2021 stating that they are turning over the servicing of my loan…

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