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Discovered on: 2021-12-04 04:45:47

This company is an absolute joke.

Does NOT pay vendors. Just do a simple search of Mecklenburg civil suit cases, there are at minimum 10+ active cases regarding Middleton Meyers and their CEO, Ian is the holder of the reigns and the “mastermind” behind all these shady business practices.

Expects its employees to set vendors up knowing they’ll never see a dime of their money. Just ask Ferguson plumbing, Lowe’s pro, maintenance supply, AZ Partsmaster, Never mind all the small business professionals they constantly stiff out of payments.

Their employees did not have health insurance since July 1, I was let go in September, they finally had insurance back on October 1. All while the company still takes employees premiums from their paychecks. Even after I had been let go, they continued taking benefits from severance paychecks up until as recently as October 29 pay period, yet my benefits didn’t carry the month of October while they still took the premiums. Also while employed here and asked about the insurance, we were directed to stop asking. Hmm.

Their entire social media optics are just that, optics and their business practices and policies are absolute garbage.

Just look at their property’s and the turnover rate there. Theres reasons why tenured employees with years, sometimes almost a decade on these sites, left for other opportunities when Middleton Meyers drove them and their properties into the dirt.

Don’t do business with this company, Liten Living or their smoke and mirrors business, Piedmont Facility Services.

They’re a master of making fake invoices to draw on money from loans from big banks, like Wells Fargo, ect. A simple drive through the three properties they manage will show there has been very little invested in improving the optics of those places. For goodness sake, they barely pay the landscaping bill and it’s evident when the grass turns to hay.

When a small multi family management company’s CEO has to have a personal security guard follow his every move, the writing is on the wall, the dude is an absolute scumbag and is scared for his life because he’s screwed so many hard working people from money earned.

I don’t know when/how a man like this does all that he does with zero repercussions, maybe because the one bill he always makes sure is paid is the attorneys that keep his a*s from being held accountable? Either way, he goes to church on Sunday’s to make up for his policies and procedures and shady business practices, but karma is real and I hope to see this business drown while your good employees that you treat like absolute garbage move on and find somewhere that treats them the way they deserve, not just the social media team you cater to and have every resource in the world at their fingertips.

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