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Michaels Stores Reviews, Complaints & Contacts

Michaels Stores Reviews, Complaints & Contacts

Source: Michaels Stores Reviews, Complaints & Contacts

Discovered on: 2021-07-22 08:09:36

I started shopping at Michaels after AC Moore closed down, and thought I would be able to at least get similar yarn there for what I need.

Their Value Craft yarn, which was perfect for my needs, is constantly out of stock, and I’m lucky if I find two colors available, if any. This has been going on for months, where I will go in even when it’s not on sale and find the wall for that yarn almost totally empty.

They finally got in Studio Classic, which was AC Moore’s yarn, and for a couple of weeks I was able to get that. Now that’s out as well, and is constantly out when I check either online or in-store.

They have a sale this week on yarn, and it’s the same thing. What’s the point of having sales when you never get the item in stock? Just because you have one color, that doesn’t justify it being a “sale.”

I don’t want to spend more money on yarn, and they don’t have what I want other than the yarn that’s never available. If stock is hard to get in due to COVID, then stop having sales on it until you can get enough in regularly enough to fulfill the sale.

Their website is horrible when checking for yarn. Wal-Mart’s site actually tells you what items are stock according to store without having to click on individual items to find out. If you just go to their yarn page, it shows in real-time what’s in and what’s not. Michaels makes you click on a particular yarn, then on a particular color before you know if it’s available or not, which is time-consuming and frustrating.

I have complained to them directly in the past, but now I notice they no longer have a contact e-mail address on their site, which tells me that I’m not the only one having issues with them. I complained about their Rewards Program, but I have gotten a couple of vouchers from them for purchases over time, so at least that’s a little better. But not having items available and then having a sale is just dumb.

I know that things are hard since the pandemic, but if other stores can manage to get regular items in stock, I don’t see how they are any different. Having a bare wall on a regular basis just looks bad for them, and it doesn’t encourage me to keep going there.

Michaels needs to work harder to improve their site, their Rewards Program and their stock if they want to keep people coming back. There are still other stores out there that offer better deals, even if they’re a little more out of my way to get to them. I may just have to start going elsewhere.

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