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Meijer Reviews, Complaints & Contacts


Source: Meijer Reviews, Complaints & Contacts

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Meijer Reviews, Complaints & Contacts

Meijer Reviews, Complaints & Contacts

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Meijer Complaints & Reviews


Mot1992 — USA

Jul 23, 2021

This review was posted by
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Verified customer

Meijer — Employment ended over “Background Check” That I was up and honest with.

I was working at a distribution center in Holland, MI for almost a month. I jumped through their hoops, got a full physical, urine urinalysis while being forced to wear a mask inside a (Medical Facilty) for physical/uranalysis even though fully vaccinated. Passed both with flying colors, minus hearing is a little bad ( served in the Army for 3 years, Infantry). I disclosed on the background check that I had a Domestic violence charge, from 4 years ago ( Misdemeanor mind you). As well as a couple older charges I had 2 resisiting obstruction officers – Attempted, misdemeanors, even older than the 4 year domestic. ALL of the 3 charges are misdemeanors. I have not been in trouble or gained a new charge in 4 years. Am I not a contributing member of society? I feel embarrassed, and even more discriminated against. There was a person bragging there how they had a credit card fraud charge. A felony, and did prison time. Who is in charge of the hiring process? If you think I am a risk, then why did you let me through those doors to work waiting for the background check? Nope of course not! They throw you right into a understaff production facility. And expect you to float around doing 2-3 other peoples jobs yourself because they can’t retain anyone there. They only answer I get on the background check is “General – Does not meet company standards” nothing else is said. Getting ahold of anyone is a complete and utter joke. You can’t even find a E-Mail address for cooperate on google ( I dare you try it). After looking at all of these reviews on multiple sights it’s very easy to see that Meijer’s only cares about profits. Not the customer, nor their employees.
I would like to point out that I have been living in a sober living house for almost 4 years in Holland, I have changed my life. I am not who I used to be, and I don’t see how I’m a liability or whatever you’d have to prove in court more then the person who has credit card fraud. I wasn’t absent, nor late once. Showed up and finished every shift. Did more than I should have. Never disrespected anyone, and always listened and did what I was told. So tell me Meijer’s Do you believe that people can’t be rehabillited. or change? Or do you only do favor’s for certain members? I can’t believe how unresponsive and unprofessional management is in this company.

Meijer — Pharmacy

I with my wife went to Meijer store Pharmacy in Commerce Twp. Mich. to get Shingle vaccination at 4.00 pm 0n 7-17-21. The Pharmacy staff refused to entertain our request . They were very rude and said they are busy cant do it. We were willing to wait until our turn comes, but they said we have to come back next day. I am thinking to go to other Pharmacy (wallgreen or cvs) to get my future Pharmacy needs.
My e-mail: jabir.[protected]

Meijer — Sausage, egg, and cheese croissant

I have bought your four count sausage, egg, and cheese croissant breakfast sandwiches for some time. Approximately a month and a half ago, and now today, June 29, 2021, I found that the croissant only contained egg and cheese. The sausage was missing. I just wanted to let you know that whoever is supplying your sandwiches needs to implement stricter quality control procedures to ensure this is not an ongoing problem. I really enjoy the sandwiches, and will continue to buy them as long as this does not become a persistent issue. Thank you.

Meijer — Lake and trail boots split

Dear Meijer’s people in-charge
After purchasing these boots this past Christmas, the right heel back ha…

Meijer — Out of stocks and gimmicks

We have been shopping at the McHenry Illinois store since it opened and now we are forced to drive an extra 7…

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Meijer — service @ Hudsonville Meijer

)n Ma7 7, 2021 I shopped at the Hudsonville Meijer or is it called Jamestown Meijer I have started shopping there since Jenison is being redone. Usually I go early like between 6 or 7. Servive is great then. Yesterday help was scared or poorly organized. The one in charge of service kept pacing back & forth Guess he was trying to decide how to handle things. He finally opened a lane himself. Well It was my first time since I had total hip done. The cashier(George) was great Fast & efficient. No one came to help him bag my order. The bagger next to us stood doing nothing while her cashier finished with here customer. In my working day at MEIJER we would work TWO laNES AT ONCE. GEORGE called the store DIRECTOR for assistance for me to the car. NO one came He asked me to tell the greater I was waiting for assistance which I did & proceded walking to the car. Waiting at my car -I noticed two cart boys having social time. End of story I loaded my own which I wasn’t to lift. Spending $154.00.thgink I could have had a little help. When a store director is notifyed a customer needs assistance & doesn’t show I’m sorry to shop there.

Meijer — Donald a cashier at White Lake store #227

My sister and I were in line to check out and I put our coupons on the little counter, right away Donald started about how much time it was going to take for all the coupons. We had coupons that also had mperks, I understand we can’t use both, but then he kept questioning us about every other coupon, and kept asking if we wanted to go to the courtesy counter. We had to keep going through our bags and show him our products. He was beyond rude, I am a very patient person, but I lost my cool and we just paid and left. I may never shop at another Meijer after today.

Meijer — Customer Service

I went to the Meijer on 28th and Kalamazoo at exactly 20:52:12 per my receipt to pick up my prescription.

A person by the name of Shay (per name tag) but receipt says my checkout was provided by SHARNICE came to the counter.

No greeting, no mask, look of disgust on her face as it was totally apparent she was not in the mood to assist or provide any customer service in any way shape or form.

This is what I got: name, date of birth, which I provided.

She proceeded to locate my prescription. I asked what the cost was and got nothing but silence as she bagged it and stapled my receipt on the bag and set it on the counter in front of where I was standing.

I picked up the bag and saw on the receipt that there was no charge but really, she couldn’t have answered my question by saying just that.

I am not sure why she had such a poor attitude and poor customer service skills but I expect more from Meijer than to have one of their employees treat a customer with such disregard.

I have made 2 attempts to contact the Supervisor of pharmacy at that Meijer location at 9:45 am est and 1:10 pm est and was informed the Supervisor was not in yet and they were unsure when they would be reporting which is why I am submitting my complaint/concerns here.

Sharnice/Shay needs to do better or find a different line of work that doesn’t require interaction with people.

Andrea Jones

Meijer — Wait time

I’m at your facilities in Allen park Michigan on fair lane drive. Standing in line with 50 others for…

Meijer — Purple cow mini ice cream sandwiches

I opened my box of ice cream sandwiches and found all of the sandwiches smashed. Also found one with half of…

Meijer — Bette at the service desk. Brighton, Mi store #46.

I have been shopping at this store for 30 years and I am very loyal to Meijers. I grew up in Grand Rapids and shopped at the Alpine store since I was 7 years old. I am also a mgr in retail at a big box store and understand that we need to hire elderly. Bette has been at the regular registers and I avoid her lines at all cost. She is slow and talks way too much about nothing. I don’t need to know that my card is now being processed. Today (1-29) she was at the service desk alone and she is not positioned well. I actually had to walk her through how to make a payment. She got out a notebook and starting to look up how to make a payment. I’m sure that she is a nice women but not so sure retail is her thing. Maybe she could work in the indoor plant area or fish area. She has no speed and her lines back up. I will continue to shop at this store but will avoid her lines which is difficult when there are only self check outs and 2 other registers running.

Meijer — Cut leaf spinach

Date: purchase 2020?
Date of incident: Jan 26, 2021
Description of the incident: prepared spinach while…

Meijer — Social distancing vs. proper wearing of face masks

We were in the Angola store in the check out line today. The check out called my husband on the carpet for…

Meijer — Pete meijer

I am a Republican and I spend around $300. a week in either the Gaylord or acme Michigan stores. I want to let you know that my money will be going to a different store from now on. I will NEVER set foot in another Meijer store. My parents shopped at the traverse city store from the time it was built and if you think people who support TRUMP will forget I have news for you, we won’t.

Meijer — Pharmacy

On Christmas Eve a little before 5:00 pm (pharmacy closing time that day) my wife went to the DeWitt…

Meijer — In stock issues every department

We have been shopping the Mchenry Illinois store a few years now, when management changed about a 1.5 year…

Meijer — Chicken wings

There haven’t any been any fresh chicken wings at this location prior to Thanksgiving (Telegraph Rd and 12 Mile Rd). There were no wings today when I traveled there. There are other chicken parts but no wings. I had to complete my shopping 2 miles away to at Kroger to purchase wings. This occurs often at this location with other products as well. The shelves are not restocked on a regular basis.

Meijer — Online pickup

Order #: [protected]
Arrived at 11:10 and called to inform them I was here for the pickup for 11am-12pm. They…

Meijer — I’d like to file a formal complaint against a store manager

My name is Benjamin Campbell and I’d like to file a formal complaint for harassment, profiling. Tonight…

Meijer — Grocery pickup

We waited over half an hour for a pre-ordered grocery pickup order. This being our first pickup at Reynold…

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