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MAPCO Express Reviews and Complaints | @ Pissed Consu…


Source: MAPCO Express Reviews and Complaints | @ Pissed Consu…

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Update by user Nov 06, 2020

Ebony and Steven, who works 3rd shift is so great!She is kind,polite and very professional.

Original review updated by user Nov 06, 2020

Good afternoon. .I am a regular customer at the Mapco express located on Old Hickory Blvd and Central Pike in Hermitage TN.. My husband, and I have been going through some difficult times.His friends, who work at this location, he told me he is having an affair with one of the young girls there now on the 2nd shift. and previously, has an affair with one other girl, by the name of DaNeisha, who is no longer working there. While Daneisha, was clocked in one night at work, she came to my home and broke up all of my families Christmas decorations outside, because l had decided to end the affair with her and come home. I spoke to the old manager, and let her know, Daneisha was giving my husband, drugs, alcohol and food for free. Also, she was letting him and others steel beer ect… I asked her to please replace our Christmas decorations and fix my front door she was kicking off the hinges. As of today, nothing has been done,by her or Mapco, regarding this matter.( She was on the clock with Mapco at the time this occurred.) On 11/04/2020 I came to Mapco to speak to the new manager Toya and another employee that is pregnant there and her name begins with an H, Sorry not sure of her complete and accurate name. The matter consisted of my husband steeling merchandise from this store all of the new Titans pins, rulers and flashlights. Toya, the store manager, stated she would look into the matter…Previously, the employee with the H name, told me, in front of several customers, that she knew I had taken little Debbie cakes and how wrong I was!! She embarrassed me, in front of other customers as husband, told me, he was the one who told on me. I then thought of what the Bible says and “If a man is starving and he steels food forgiven is he, but if he gets caught, he will pay the price times 7” I offered to pay for the items, as well as work them off. On 11/04/2020 Toya, the manager told my husband, that I told her he was stealing from her store!!! Really?? That evening he took matters upon himself cruely!!!On 11/05/2020 I took out an order to protect against him. On 11/05/2020 I walked into the store to tell Toya ,she had breached a trust of confidentiality..She stated “I cant control his actions” and smiled at me sarcastically!!.I feel that his is discrimination as well as an unprofessional actions on all parts. I would like someone to contact me. Today this is two incidents of three employees of Mapco express who could have made a negative situation into a positive one, and instead of building families and your community in a positive manner, you gain joy in destroying. Thank you for your time in this matter and hearing my side of this mishap.

User’s recommendation: Mapco employee are not certafied counsalers or therapiest.

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