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Luke Cusack is a charming conman that lives in Tucson, AZ who has had a seedy past and present of running clubs and bars. He is not to be trusted, he will lie and steal from you. If you loan him money, work for him, or invest money with him you WILL lose it. He will take it, lie to you and you will never see it.

Luke Cusack is a dishonest person. He is in bankruptcy personally for 6 Million Dollars, and for his business Redline for $500,000. He lost his boat, his house, his plane and everything he has. He owes employees wages and back taxes. He owes the IRS, the state of Arizona, the City of Tucson,and Pima County. He hires contractors to work for him personally or at his business, chisels them down in price, then finds an excuse after the work is complete to not pay them.

He steals from his business, puts cash in his pocket and doesnt disclose to his partners. He never pays for meals or drinks, and expenses everything plus pays himself a salary. Cusack is currently involved in 4 civil suits from vendors and partners. He was sued and forced to sell his previous businesses downtown, has sexually harassed his staff, ran his Steak restaurant into bankruptcy, and now has another restaurant in bankruptcy.

Cusack has so many enemies that hes had a horses head put on his porch, had his car shot at, been kidnapped and put into the trunk of a car, rumored to have burned down the Solarium, and a pipe bomb placed near his garage. He has several criminal groups looking for him because of under the table loans he took from them. Beware of this man. Beware.

Below there are 5 local government sites that you can search his name:

Below there are several sites with more information that can be had by a google search of Luke Cusack Tucson.

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