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Liam Alexander – [email protected] – Romance Scammer

Liam Alexander - - Romance Scammer

Source: Liam Alexander – [email protected] – Romance Scammer

Discovered on: 2021-09-22 16:14:39

Liam Alexander – [email protected] – Romance Scammer

Liam Alexander - - Romance Scammer

Last name:


George Steven, Jackson Luiz


George Steven, Jackson Luiz

Name aliases:

Aleksandar, Aleksander, Aleksandr, Alex, Alexandar, Alexandr, Alexender, Georges, Geroge, Goerge, Gorge, Steave, Steaven, Steve, Stevens, Stiven

Romance scammer’s Location(s):

Accra (Ghana)

Also claims to be in:

Brazil; Tampa, Florida, USA; Damascus, Syria; California, USA; Brownsville, Texas, USA

E-mail address(es):

Operates on site(s):

Google Hangouts, Instagram, Whats App


(added on September, 20, 2021)

Dobby (USA)

Liam Alexander was on Instagram and started talking to my friend. She gave him my email address for Google Hangout, and he thinks he is still talking to her. He says he is from Brazil but lives in Tampa, Florida. He said he is in Damascus, Syria as a “military orthopedic surgeon doctor.” He says he is 44 years old and has a daughter named Jessica who is 11 years old. She is in a boarding school in Tampa. She will be 12 in OCTOBER. Liam said that his father died in a “military war” when he was 7, and his mother “died in breast cancer” when he was 13. He was raised by a “neighboring teacher.” (I have heard that same story before from some scammer.) And today he tells me Jessica will have her birthday on SEPTEMBER 15. He has finally decided to fall in love and of course I love him, too. He wanted me to email his daughter because the boarding school would not allow phone calls. I got her email address. Then he said he missed me so much. I told him that was the reason I wanted him to come home, to go on a two-week vacation with me, and Jessica could go, too. He asked me if I could pay for a three-month vacation. That’s what I’ve been waiting for. He gave me the email address for the UN. First, they wanted up to $46,360 for three months, and I was to pay it in bitcoins. The UN doesn’t deal in bitcoins. Then Liam said I could pay it in Google play gift cards. I could send the numbers to either him or to the UN. His name should be “Lame” instead of “Liam.”


Romance scam letter(s) from Liam Alexander to Dobby (USA)

Hello madam…

We the vacation UN unity receive your message.

And we will have to inform Dr. Liam Alexander if he is aware or you contacting the UN vacation unit. Give us 15mins time before we get in touch with Dr. Liam Alexander and if he is fully aware of it then we the UN vacation unit will guard you on the steps to follow and also on how you can pay for the necessary charges.

Yours Mr Ferguson

We have successfully confirmed from Dr. Liam Alexander and he said he is fully aware of you applying for a leave to join you in United States of America. Now our leaves here are varies on how many months and you can said applying from this below:

1. 2 weeks cost $5,795

2. 1 month cost $11,590

3. 2 months cost $23,180

4. 3 months cost $46,360

So you will have to choose from the list above how long you want your fiance Dr. Liam Alexander to be with you?

To proceed with the leave for your fiance Dr. Liam Alexander you have t


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  • Kathy

    Hello, thank you so much for this Blog! The same individual found me on instagram and told me a pity story about how his ex wife cheated on him and how he has a 10 year old daughter named Sophia. He said that He’s from Denmark, currently living in Tampa Florida, and he told me how he got his License in West Africa. It also stated on his main profile that he is apart of the Military and that he works as an Orthopedic Surgeon. Something did quite match up with what he was saying so I decided to look him up and found this page. Also he tried calling me through Instagram and texted me a hello. After seeing the message and ignoring him, the person behind the screen blocked my account to which I tried blocking him because who needs that drama. He now goes under the name of Liam Alexander and his username is liamalexander67800. Please continue letting others know about this scammer.


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