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Discovered on: 2021-10-18 18:17:23

We arranged a flight through instead of direct through Easyjet as we paid for the additional security of not being charged for a change or cancellation for any reason.

I contacted on the 21st May 2021 when it looked more unlikely we were going to be able to travel due to the restrictions being put in place to request a refund. Everyone else either refunded us or supplied a voucher for us to use at a later date. however, I got an email back from on the 22nd May 2021 saying that if this is to be cancelled no refund was due. I of course phoned the same day to question this and explained I had paid extra for their additional service to protect me from this sort of issue. I was told to leave it closer to the time and then make any necessary changes.

I then contacted at the start of August and gave them a date change of the end of August 2022, which they said they couldn’t do as it was over 12 months away, even though they told me it was ok back in May and I should leave it until a few days before I was due to fly out.

I was now running out of time to get this changed but did as I was advised.

I then contacted them on the 16th August and they then came back with an additional charge of £1, 016 over and above the £800 I had already paid. I was aware that I would need to pay the difference if the flight cost had increased, but not by this amount. However, the email quite clearly said that the overall total cost of the changes was £0 but I when I tried to accept these details I was told I needed to pay the £1016. I went onto the easyjet website and found the flight I requested to show the cost of £944, a £144 increase, so I asked to justify the cost. I then had another email on the 17th August saying the additional cost was now £613, without any explanation.

It now appeared that nobody knew what was they were doing when I phoned up. I tried to speak to a Manager but was told they were unavailable but thats the price.

I asked for a breakdown of the costs and was told they couldn’t provide them.

I then had about an hour to resolve this before I was going to lose the £800 I originally paid due to the terms of being able to change the details 24 hours before the flight was due to take off. I sent an email stating that I was the customer and they should at least try to help on the basis that they were doing everything they could to not help me.

I asked them what was the best and cheapest option for us and they came back with the 19th to 29th June 2022 for an extra £208 which I agreed to as I had only 15 minutes before the deadline expired. It now transpires that my wife cannot go on those dates due to work commitments.

I was advised that somebody would phone me for my credit card details to make the additional payment. Nobody did and the charge has just appeared on my Credit Card statement, which has been taken without my consent and somehow they still have managed to retain my credit card details which is totally against GDPR / Compliance legislation.

After months of emails and phone calls we are no further forward other than potentially left with flights that have now cost us more and no way of going on.

Their only answer was “No” even though I paid for their additional service to protect the customer.

We would have been better off going through Easyjet directly as they would have refunded the flights and not pay for these additional fees which mean nothing.

I have tried to attach the documents showing some of the nonsense I had to go through to confirm the information I have provided but it appears it will not accept them. I can forward the emails onto you if required.

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