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Ideal Image – Filing a complaint Oct 23, 2021


Source: Ideal Image – Filing a complaint Oct 23, 2021

Discovered on: 2021-10-23 17:44:36

I would like to report an incident that happened to me in VA beach location on Thursday, October 21.

I have been on books for my appointment for laser hair removal (legs) for almost 2 months. I showed up for my appointment an hour early (by accident).

I waited for my provider for an hour and wasnt accepted until almost 4:40 pm. My provider Kaylen Baker met me with an attitude. I was confused and couldnt understand why she was abrupt, wouldnt explain anything to me without showing her attitude. She asked me when I shaved my legs and upon receiving a response 3 days ago (like I was instructed by 4 other providers and admitted by a customer service rep at the corporate office) she said that I shouldnt have shaved my legs.

I was trying to explain that I was told to do it by other providers and was Physically made to shave on site, but the response was I dont know what others are telling you. I am telling you as a provider you shouldnt have shaved. I was baffled as to how unorganized training is for new providers. Upon me pointing out that Kaylen had an attitude and shouldnt be treating me the way she was, she said your appointment is 1 hr.

We should get started. I showed up an hour early, wasnt accepted until 4:40 pm and after I wasnt the one delaying my appointment her response was actually, I refuse your service today. Reschedule for another time.

I have to add that I was also handed dirty glasses. I requested them to be cleaned or provided me with clean glasses.

Kaylen made an attempt to briefly clean them but they were still dirty. I had to finish cleaning them myself (which is fine), but I dont understand why a service provider never even apologized for not being prepared for my appointment. Throughout my wait time I havent see a single customer walking in or out and I would imagine that there was sufficient time to at least clean equipment! Under Covid guidelines, it might create a big issue for business!

Finally, I wasnt able to reschedule my appointment.

Front desk personnel watched Kaylen continuing to showing her attitude. No one interfered and even made a slightest attempt to deescalate the issue. Instead, I was told there is no availability for me at this location until December! I was offered to get serviced at Newport News location!

Why when a service provider has a personal issue with me I, as a customer, have to go to a different location? This was the only solution front desk gave me. I have see reviews where customers pointed out that front desk clerks leave better to be desired, but on Thursday I confirmed it for myself.

I have been a customer at this location for over a year. For the first time I was refused service not for any medical reason, but rather personal!

I have followed contractural agreement with Ideal Image and yet for the money that I paid not only I cant get proper treatment, I cant even get service that I paid for upfront!

It is my bridal party this weekend and being so disappointed about not being as prepared as I wanted to be, I would not be able to say one good word about Ideal image.

I filed the complaint at the corporate office over the phone the same day it happened and requested a confirmation email to be sent to me. I wanted to make sure that it will be addressed and things like that wouldnt happen to anyone else. Not only I havent received an email, but I also didnt hear back from anyone. That made me believe that you are not taking customers seriously.

I am extremely disappointed about my experience and made every attempt to let you get it right. If I cant receive a response from a provider ( that claims to be the best in the US) within a resonance time, soon I will be forced to seek other avenues (media, social, BBB) to make sure other people fall prey to poor business practices like described above.

Monetary Loss:

Preferred solution:
Let the company propose a solution.

Ideal Image Cons:

Communication, Availability.

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