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Heatherwood Luxury RentalsHeatherwood is anything but luxury – far fro…


Source: Heatherwood Luxury RentalsHeatherwood is anything but luxury – far fro…

Discovered on: 2021-09-20 14:40:07

I lived in 27 on 27 in LIC for years. I moved in when the building was first open for occupancy, and I regretted it after two months.

Sure, did Heatherwood, LLC like most corrupt, dirty NY real estate conglomerates, they bought out all the whores, hookers, drug dealers, pimps, and crackheads out of Long Island City, Queens, threw up the first luxury highrise east of manhattan, and charge 8 times the legal amount.

Then they never stop “improving,” meaning the shoddy construction they started with needs a lot of maintenance to keep from falling apart so the construction is always ongoing. There is no heat sometimes, no hot water, there is a constant problem with the elevator , and the noise level makes it impossible to rest.

construction starts (illegally) every morning at 5am and the noise of super powerful drills doesnt quit until 5-6pm, especially because there is an auto body shop and school next door along with the Q/7, the busiest line at the busiest hub in the entire NYC subway system, besides midtown

Of course, I knew this moving in, but the building started to fall apart after the first year. Heatherwood received hundreds and hundreds of complaints, and did nothing to offset the rent.

A few tenants formed a protest and boycotted the building and rent, and Heatherwood said they would appease them for the hardship. Nothing was done and the rent continued to rise. One google review that was taken down read,

“Heatherwood is corrupt, and their lackey Miriam at the front is such a liar saying it exuuuuudes luxury, like GTFO, its so cheap in these buildings its crazy…..the construction and noise made my wife pregnancy have issues, So Chris and June stopped paying, and Demasio used to move that puray right in front of the cameras for the long haired beauty. And Chris air bnb’d it to Sam Wong, and then that little Jew Jaime from heatherwood ran out to try to catch me in some kind of act? Like get back in your little whole you scumbag, and thanks for the free apartment punk”

As well as many other complaints, but Heatherwood continues to charge ridiculous rent in gentrified neighborhoods they are destroying, and taking the life and soul and character of these historic NYC neighborhoods. its a shame.


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