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Booked via Flightcatchers, and subsequently the airline had changed the flight timings. This should mean that I would be eligible for a full refund. I got in touch with them immediately afterwards to arrange the refund.

Despite multiple attempts to try and explain this to FlightCatchers, they deducted £50 admin fee from each ticket.
Poor service, and poor interaction with staff working for them.

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I had booked a return ticket (confirmation-PG451F18) for London to Dhaka and back on the 6th of October 2021. But instead my bank account was debited £501.02 for a flight originating from Dhaka to London and back. I then called Flightcatcher and spoke to Rehman and informed him of the error. Rehman turned and mentioned he could not alter it and only could offer a refund with a cancelation fee of £150 which I agreed to. But in the end my account was credited with only £200. I had made many complaints to Flightcatcher via email about refunding the rest of the money owed to me. But they never responded. Because of their negligence I had suffered mentally and financially. Therefore, I would like then to pay me back the full £501.02.

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  • Rehman Abdul
    Oct 6, 2021, 2:25 PM
    to me

    Dear Passenger,

    Booking made online is non-changeable and non-refundable by the terms and conditions of the website. However due to the current uncertain situation we are having some flexibility and able to apply the refund on a scheduled flight with cancellation charges.

    If you would like to proceed with the refund 150 GBP / Passenger would be the cancellation charges.

    Please advise ASAP if you would like to proceed with the refund.

    Abdul Rehman | Travel Consultant

    Timings: 16:00 To 01:00

    84 Kingsley Road | Hounslow | Middlesex | TW3 1QA

    Tel: +[protected] EXT; 9533

    Email: [email protected]| Web: — The lack of communication and also changing my 2 year old son ticket

I’m very upset with this company how can you possibly change a two year old ticket and expect me to be okay with it there was no communication I rang multiple times but there was no answer they need to be more informative and also have better communication I’m very disappointed that they could possibly change a two year olds ticket this company is not the best company to be booking tickets with they really need to change a few things that they do. Also I was told that I was going to get a refund for the infant ticket that I had purchased previously as I had to change it to a Childs ticket I still not had received that refund they say things that they do not fulfil.

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booking ref – LXEFCN
I made the booking in December to fly to Abu Dhabi and then the bus to Dubai. This flight was cancelled and rebooked numerous times. As the UAE are currently on the UK red list we were unable to travel to this destination. I spoke with Etihad directly who advised free cancellatation for a full refund. Spoke with flightcatchers and was advised of the same.
I had to email to cancel the flight to which I was told there would be a £50 pp admin fee ( which I always disputed) however had no option but to cancel.
The refund has now been processed minus £100. This is totally unacceptable as the UK gov state that we are unable to travel to red countries so this is out of my control. I work within the travel industry and have taken advise from ABTA and atol who have stated that a full refund should have been issued and admin fees should only apply if the airline had ticketed ( which had not been done) If my £100 is not refunded asap I shall have no option but to take this further. I feel you are as a company exploiting customers due to the covid pandemic. Had I just decided not to go then obviously the fee would be of my doing.

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Regarding Refund for Reference: PGDBAE4A
To whom it may concern,
I am very disappointed that I am having to…

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I booked a flight to Seoul with Etihad Airways through Flightcatchers on the 4th of July 2021. The same evening, I realised that the flight passed through Abu Dhabi, which was on the UK red list, and that if I had taken that flight, I would have to have quarantined in a government facility upon returning to the UK, which I simply could not afford to do. Therefore, I contacted Flightcatchers via their website chat service to enquire about cancelling the flight. I was informed that a cancellation would be subject to a £200 cancellation fee, but that if I paid that, it could be cancelled for me. I agreed, and was told that my request was being processed.
I never received a formal confirmation of my flight being cancelled for me, so I contacted Flightcatchers many more times via their chat service, email, and the telephone. Every time I phoned, I was told to email, but my emails rarely received proper responses. I made it explicit in all of my correspondence that I wanted Flightcatchers to process the booking cancellation for me.

On the 13th of July, the day upon which the flight was supposed to leave, I received an email telling me that the actual flight, not my booking, had been cancelled, and that I needed to contact Flightcatchers ASAP about receiving a refund. However, when I contacted them, I was told that I was not entitled to a refund as I had been marked by the airline as a ‘no show’. Of course, I was a no show because I was under the illusion that Flightcatchers had done their job correctly and cancelled my flight, as had been repeatedly requested and I had been repeatedly assured would happen. Now, Flightcatchers will not accept their incredible mistake and instead continue to tell me that I am not entitled to the refund they told me I would receive. If they are not reiterating this ludicrous spiel, they are entirely ignoring me. It is by far the worst customer service I have ever received, and I am sure that Flightcatchers purposely put off my request knowing that it would result in me being marked as a ‘no show’. I know that I am entitled to a refund, and I do not intend to let them get away with their sly and downright crafty tricks. I was deceived, and I demand that this company admit to their mistakes and give me my refund.

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Our tickets got cancelled in March 2020 due the covid situation and we requested a refunded which was accepted by the company and promised within 12 months time. My husband has been back and forth with the staff since 6 months for assistance but all we got is false statements. He has been booking with Fatima at Polani travel in KHI for 15 years now. When it was all good – she was responsible and helpful but when we requested help on an issue her service was horrible. No replies and literally leaving us in the middle. Now since a month my husband stays on hold for more than 30mins, sending 100s of emails for help, been send to Oman air to deal directly and now after being fed up – we decided to file a complaint. Money thats rightfully ours and needed to book another trip (possibly through you guys) but all we get is *hold kerein hum check kerte* or *hum peta ker k btatey hain*. I am extremely unhappy with the service provided by your company and staff. Highly unprofessional. All we need is our hard earned money back which we payed to travel to meet our parents which got cancelled due to a GLOBAL PANDEMIC and not our fault. I am trying my best to find the higher authority details to send this exact email to them too. So that I know I have done my best.
I would again like to request you to please look into this and refund our money as we are in desperate need of it during these difficult times.
I really really hope I get a response.
My booking reference is GHLYHR
SAYING oman air hasnt refunded should be not my problem as I booked with you not them.
Knowing that my husband was with Oman air customer service for days to get help. Some said its already refunded and others said please go back your agent.
We are very distressed as we wasted ample amount of time on this with your people/staff who know nothing about helping your customers rather just leaving them on hold or trasferring them to others.
I look forward to really get help atleast after this.

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I have contacted flight catchers so many time to chase the refund from emirates, they have offered my father £18 refund which they said Emirates sent them, I have contacted Emirates saying the refund should be full or at half of the money needs to be refunded, they say contactfight catchers so they can contact emirates, Flight catchers dont respond, booking number PG3BAFFB, mohammad aslam chaudhary.

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Dear sirs,

I booked a ticket with flightcatchers Uk they rescheduled my flight initially the day was not suitable for me so I ask for an alternate day thought they changed my flight I should not be charged anything as they disturb my schedule but they charge me £150 for that. Then they rescheduled my flight again after a week time. And two days before my flight they cancelled my flight and when I call them they said it’s not us but airline who cancelled the flight but I am sure they get refund from airline now they are not willing to pay refund. When I get upset and ask for full refund they said they will deduct admin fee why should I pay anything I only get stress since I book ticket with this agency. They provide me an email address from refund request but they put blocker on email so every time I am sending email it’s bouncing back. I wanted to report against this fraud and now I want my full refund including £150 which they charge me for rescheduled flight changes mAde by them.

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Add your opinion — Took extra money when changing my tickets by saying we don’t charge any admin fees it’s a tax that you had to pay for airline.

I had to change my return date and the person from flight catchers said that because of covid there is no admin fees but you have to pay airline tax and they charge me £44 each which made £220 for 5 of us.
Later i had to change again as i changed the wrong time and contacted the airline and asked them and they didn’t change any money or tax and also said because of covid we don’t charge anything for changing tickets.
Which means the travel agent charge me for no reason.
I even tried to contact them but they did not bother to reply back.
I have all the email.
I am really upset and want my money back.
Please help.
Many thanks
Kind Regards

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Through no fault of mine, the airline we were due to travel with has cancelled, I was informed by another person travelling on the same flight of its cancellation, I had to contact flightcatchers to confirm this and when I requested for a refund I recieved back embarrassing responses, I’ve now been threatened to be charged £800 for them to just request for a refund, I’ve tried escalating the complaint but the same person keeps responding totally ignoring my complaints, please advise

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I travelled in March 2020 with my children, and booked a return flight with Flight catchers for April 25th… — Flight catchers – travel agents

I have been a customer with Flight Catchers for more than 7 years. I recommended them to many of my family and friends. I bought my tickets 5 months in advance to fly to Pakistan. They sold me tickets for £535 each which they said was discounted price. I would like to mention here that one of my friends bought her tickets from Southall travels with same airline and were cheaper than mine and her stay was for 6 weeks while mine was for 3.5 weeks only. She had a free change as well. When I questioned Mr Ubaid (Walter), he said no that must be another airline when I knew it was same airline. I wanted to extend my stay and asked them how I can do it. The gentleman Mr Ubaid (Walter) assured me that once I reach Pakistan he will sort it out and I will have to pay between £50-100 each ticket & I can extend my flight. My mother had a serious accident and I was going to visit her after 3 years and I wanted to spend more time with her. I explained this to Mr Ubaid but in vain. At the time of booking I told them that I had medical problem so I need bulk head seats. He assured me that a request has been sent and if I reach airport early they can give me the bulk head seats. I reached the airport 4 hours before my flight time and asked for bulk head seats. To my surprise there was no request and all the seats were issued so I was given the very last seats in the plane that too one was with my little son and one was not with me where my other young son had to sit all that time in the flight on his own. I was very upset. When I reached Pakistan I sent Mr Ubaid (Walter) messages but he continuously said nothing can be done and then he said it will be £971 for 3 tickets to extend my stay. I told him that in that amount I can plan another visit. I contacted Gulf Air and then went to their office personally in Lahore. They told me that I had a discounted fare through a third party travel agent. The ticket I bought was for £491. We told them that we paid £535 and it was not a special fare. They informed us that they could not help us because we had booked our tickets though a travel agent. Had we booked with them directly they could have tried to help us. I was really upset and angered by the action of the travel agency and the fact that they overcharged us by £44 each ticket. (I bought 4 tickets from them). Do Flight Catchers have any integrity or honour when dealing with their customers ? I will be filing a complaint against them to the travel agency Ombudsman. If after reading my review you feel you have been robbed or cheated by Flight Catchers it would be in your best interest to contact the Ombudsman and state your case. Shame on them. They have no fear of God.

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Add your opinion — high transfer fees

Terrible company. If you want to change a booking they’ll charge you way over the odds 75 quid each way…

Published at Thu, 25 Non 2021 4:30:1 GMT

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