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File consumer complaint against F-kaal – Fraud


Source: File consumer complaint against F-kaal – Fraud

Discovered on: 2021-11-21 23:01:08

File consumer complaint against F-kaal – Fraud

File consumer complaint against F-kaal - Fraud

Reported By: Mohana priya

Contact information:
F-kaal Chennai

Saw this ad through fb and contacted them . They gave a whatsapp number (9394615814) where then she made me invest 200 though gpay and I received a 60rs gift card.i was then directed to telegram page @yy8780 kanchana.where she thought me to earn money which I got 405 then later I was made to invest 500 which was then I got around 935 they take up 5% commision from it which I got 835rs which we can withdraw after each tasks late on I was made to deposit 3000 within one hr time which the task made me deposit around 50k finally again 50k was asked to deposit to finish the last 8 th task so I can withdraw money. the game started with 3k but finally total amount invested was 50000 again how could a normal person go invest 50000 in one hour .I asked for the money back nor I told I wil complaint but she Kanchana was saying me to invest money. Do help me get back the money that is been invested

How to file a complaint against F-kaal?

* Go to page
* Write F-kaal in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from F-kaal.

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