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Explosive Kennel Reviews –


Source: Explosive Kennel Reviews –

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Explosive Kennel Reviews –

Explosive Kennel Reviews -

I saw a comment on a local facebook page while searching for a dog to adopt. This comment led me to a link on Instagram to “explosive_Kennel”. They are offering puppies for great prices and they advertise that they will deliver to your home. They sent me several photos of dogs they had available. I was interested in one and they asked me for a $100 deposit.

They originally wanted me to pay via apple pay or paypal. I told them I don’t use either so they suggested Zelle payments. I do have that option through my bank so I sent them $100 using Zelle. A couple of days went by and they asked for another $100 to cover the dogs shots. They used another name this time for me to send the money to. They claimed it was going to the vet Dr. At this time, I felt this was not right and looked into them further.

There are many discrepancies in their messages to me. I had my sister message them acting like she was interested in a dog. She told them she’d like to come visit their location so she could see the dogs. They said they live in Kansas City, KS and gave her an address. I looked up the address and it’s currently an empty home that is listed for sale. I’ve been messaging them through Instagram only. This evening I went to look at our messages and they have blocked me from seeing their account now. I see that they have multiple other names on Instagram.

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