Friday, November 26

Chris Galpin — Edmonton, Canada

Chris Galpin — Edmonton, Canada


  • Matt Loomis

    This insecure scrawny little weasel is a trainwreck. Complete loser. Nobody at work likes him. We’ve tried to get him fired several times. Glad to see karma catching up to him.

  • Jared

    LOL. This website was created by Matt Galpin who is insanely jealous of his older brother and is a compulsive liar. Don’t believe any of this trash. None of it is true.

  • PQ

    Wow. He actually paid for a domain name from domainsbyproxy to try and slander his brother anonymously. The level of pettiness is honestly disturbing. Matt has been the one harassing women for years, not Chris. What a cheap shot. Police are getting involved because this is just getting ridiculous now. All the links on thesite are from the thedirty made by Matt. Pretty obvious. Not too bright Matthew

  • Matt

    LMFAO. Jealous of what? Seriously, what is there to be jealous of? Your 120 pound frame? Your lack of money and motivation? The fact you can’t grow a beard? You’ve been jealous of me since day 1. “Teach me how to bodybuild, Matt. I just can’t put on weight.”

    “Let me sell weed with you bro. I’ll press it into rosin and you can buy it back from me.” Lmao no Chris, that makes no sense. Why would I buy my weed twice? Plus you’re too lazy and unmotivated.

    “Hey guys, you should really invest in Bitcoin (2017).” 4 years later…Chris begins shit posting online cuz be missed the boat and he’s still jealous of Matt. Dumb low IQ motherfucker 😂 🤣

  • Grim Reaper

    “I’ll show you what it’s like to be bullied online.” Ok Matt lol. *2 hours later* mom is calling me lmfao!!!!!!

  • Hahaha

    I hope you can afford to buy up all your domain names. This wasn’t the only website I’m building. It took literally 5 minutes of my time. YOU’RE DONE SON


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