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Chicken Licken Reviews, Complaints & Contacts


Source: Chicken Licken Reviews, Complaints & Contacts

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Chicken Licken Reviews, Complaints & Contacts

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Chicken Licken reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Feb 6, 2011.
The latest review Branch was posted on Oct 17, 2021.
Chicken Licken has an average consumer rating of 1 stars from 118 reviews.
Chicken Licken has resolved 0 complaints.

Chicken Licken Customer Service Contacts

53 Booysens Road, Booysens, Gauteng
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Chicken Licken Complaints & Reviews

Chicken Licken — Branch

Good day my name is Nono, I have a problem, I was hired at Bara chicken licken as a manager i started working there on May, Now my problem is that, they want to transfere me to another cl branch (same owner)my problem is that im staying wit my 2 siblings they go to school this side of Lenasia in a location called lehae next to zacharia park, we also staying this side, they wanted me to go to chiawela branch, from where i stay i spend R15 a day den we have a transport that fetches us at night we pay it end of the month theres 6 of us, now if i go to chiawela im going to take 2 taxis in the mornng to get there nd im the only one who stays this side the shop closes at 22:00 pm 23:00 pm on weekends, i tried to find a transport but i couldnt when i checked Taxify will cost me R120 a day bcs we working 1 day in 1 day off, i asked our Area manager nd Boss that please can they atleast give me time up untill end of November when my siblings finish their exams then we can all just move to soweto, they said no i have to go, i cant maybe my problems company’s problem, because of the money for the transport that i’ll be spending on taxify, i told them but they were not even willing to help me with the money for transport, i told the area manager that im not winning bcs of the transport she said i must ask one of the staff members from chiawela to give me a place to sleep at night maybe for a week then go home on weekends, i told her that i cnt leave my siblings alone for the whole week she said they will be ok my mom will be watching them as an angel(we recently lost our mother)i told her that i cnt i wont be able to even concetrait at work, she said no shes they cant change their decision, i told her that i dont know what to do den but i will hear from her then since i wont be able to go there, she said shes not going to tell me what to do im old enough, the wanted to swap me with the guy who works there because she felt like the staff does not respect him because hes a newly promoted manager, i stayed at home beacause i didnt want to risk my life especially at night, i told Mr jarret my problem because hes our inspector, Month end when they paid me my salary was not what i expected at all because i worked full month, i waited for my payslip, they deducted R1200 from my pay, written shortages that i dont know, i went to labour also with my payslip they said i also need to report this matter at our heard office because this is not right so that even heard office knows about what is happening there, incase even if this matter goes to the media..Thank number [protected].

Chicken Licken — Staff service

I went to buy food at chicken licken vereenigin on the 12/09/21. I oredered twoo meals which one was lunch meal with coke and the other was hotwings meal.when i go get my order as it was a sit in i find the made 2 cokes i explained and was helped but when i sat down i find that they made 2 lunch meals i went again for the matter to be resolved after a long wait it was fixed, but now the serviet and the salt was missing 😞. I honestly was not happy with the service and the staff were rude thinking maybe i complain too much

Chicken Licken — Chicken Licken – Family Full House /8

I bought a Family Full House /8 at Chicken Licken the Carlton Centre one on the 25/08/2021 and the pieces were short, They were 6 of them when i got home. I have the slip that confirms that i paid for Meal 8 and only got 6 pieces this is unacceptable and its embarrassing having to open your food in public to check if all your pieces are there today i did not count and now i have a problem when i get home, These pieces are short for my family members.

Chicken Licken — Shortage of food

So I ordered party 16 via Mr D and when my food arrived I supper shocked. The wings were horribly small and they were short with 4 wings. Did I pay for party 12 or 16? What happened to the 4 wings? And the wings were cold, I’m sure the least you could have done was warm them up or something. Like this was at the Mall of Africa store. I lost my appetite cause I wasn’t expecting this.

Chicken Licken — Food and service

I’m complaining about the food the service and the price for this horrible burgers. I ordered 2 love me tender cheeseburgers and after waiting a long time I got my order and left. My friend could not eat hers as this patty on the burger was so hard she was scared that she’ll break her teeth. The few chips were so tiny couldn’t believe that chicken licken can do this. The meal was R115.80 I am so disgusted with this take away.

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Chicken Licken — Bad customer service

29 Mar 2021, 17:14
Bad service
I went to chicken licken the one in midtown mall in rustenburg north west.. I am very disappointed and angry with the kind of service I received from a lady by the name of Jilly. She was in the chicken and i had been waiting for my order for more than 20 minutes when I asked she lady in the front what was happening with my order because the people i came with left the store a long time ago and am still waiting for mine she went to ask Jilly and she rudely replied even pointing her hand at me.. I told her she’s not supposed to talk to me rather talk to her colleague. She went on to be rude at me and said i should not get forward with her(ke ska mo phaphela). Am very angry and disappointed am never going back to that store again.. I also want her to apologize to me genuinely so i don’t deserve that treatment.
[protected] [protected]

Chicken Licken — Crappy service and food

Good day, as a very good supporter of your brand I hate to inform you that I am very disgraced by the service…

Chicken Licken — Bad service, horrible food

Hi, your company has really become a supplier of junk food, with the emphasis on junk!
We have ordered…

Chicken Licken — Incorrect order and poor packaging

I am extremely disappointed this is the 4th time i’m receiving bad service from the chicken licken at witbank 3 klipfontein… To make it worse I received the incorrect order and the packaging was beyond disappointing, tried contacting the store for I had placed a online delivery, the phone went through to voicemail during working hours they not available for customer queries very disappointing

Chicken Licken — Hot wings

I bought chicken licken hot wings at evaton mall on 260820. They gave us rotten wings when I call the store…

Chicken Licken — Hot wings

good day
yesterday @ 18:24 i bought hot wings party 16 from the above mentioned restaurant, and only to find…

Chicken Licken — Rock my soul.

Saying I’m disappointed is an understatement. My husband bought us the rock my soul for dinner. Since…

Chicken Licken — wings

Dear Chicken Licken
I would like to Express my utmost discuss in your chicken !
I bought a party 16, rock…

Chicken Licken — Expired chicken

On the 07/01/2020 I went to Chicken Licken to buy Soul Sister 4 with Cone Ice Cream, when I arrive at home my…

Chicken Licken — Service

Hi good day
I am laying a complaint about the chicken liken Sparks road on Thursday afternoon I took a drive…

Chicken Licken — size of your hot wings

To whom it many concern.
it is now a few times i am seeing this is happening, i am a regular buyer of your…

Chicken Licken — cashier

Good day, this morning I went to the chicken licken in bree street ordered rock my soul 3 with chips and 4…

Chicken Licken — poor service

I arrived at one of your outlets and was not happy with the service I received, firstly it took me about…

Chicken Licken — poor service and returned food served

I went and bought the original lunch meal at Chicken Licken Bank City. I left while the order was being…

Chicken Licken — condition of product sold

Went in to buy our supper and and the list we bought popcorn chick shakers and they were burned, instead of…

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