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Discovered on: 2021-10-08 00:09:10

On the 09/09/2021, I initiated a conversation via email after numerous phone calls to the Cell C call center to request a Paid up or settlement letter on an account that I was behind on .

Upon my initial mail, I was informed that I still owed another amount . I then asked for a settlement discount, which I then received, but I then paid in an amount of R 1 936, 09 too much on the 15/09/2021.

Since my payment, I have been in contact with SIX different consultants over a 13 day period . Every time I get a different answer, the latest, once again saying that I still owe money and also that they did not receive my Proof of Payment ( After submitting this with my settlement letter 3 times ) .

When I ask to speak to a supervisor or that someone give me a call, or to supply me with a phone number where I can speak to someone, I get ignored FLAT and I get a reply from a different consultant to say they have not received my payment or that I owe money .

This is extremely unprofessional, and the fact that they now sit with an overpayment of R 1 936, 09 and refuse to acknowledge this even with a Proof of Payment, I see as THEFT .

I will definitely NOT recommend anyone to Cell C in the near future as their dwindling consumer base also can attest to.

An extremely disappointed customer .

Sean Whittaker

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