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Discovered on: 2021-09-25 13:09:01

I spent 4 days at Harrahs Cherokee resort, and spent enough on tables and slots to be rewarded at least one comp night. However, the night of the 18th was booked at Cherokee due to poker event, but they showed I had a comp on the 18th for Harrah’s Valley River casino an hour away, so I confirmed that reservation and stayed there with comp. so far, so good.
The next morning, I’d spent enough on the 18th to hopefully warrant another comp for another night. ( was in excess of $5k gambled by then). I looked at the app and it showed regular rate of $236 for that Thursday night, 19th)but showed I get comp for Friday night( (20th) plus three days the following week). I went to front desk, said it was interesting that I earned Comp for two nights from now which was a Friday, but not for that night, and asked if I could I instead get comped for Thursday because I planned to stay one more night. She confirmed I would get comped for Friday but explained there was not one available for that night (?Thursday) . So, I said as long as I could stay two more nights for the price of Thursday night, ( since I’d get comped for Friday) I’d agree to stay. She confirmed that the total for both days would be the price for Thursday nighr( plus tax). I want to stress something – at that point my Caesars rewards app showed I could get Friday comped, and the hotel clerk confirmed looking at her system that Friday should be comped. I would not have been willing to pay for two nights and would have left.

When I attempted to check out on Saturday via the in-room TV, the total showed a little under $700, a charge for each day.

I figured this was a simple system mistake and went to the hotel clerk explaining it showed charge for both nights, when I was told I’d get Friday comped.

The clerk ( same on who two days ago said I’d get Friday comped) looked at the charges and told me I did sign up to pay for both days, that there was no comp. I reminded her that both her and the rewards app showed, on Wednesday when I checked in, that I was to be comped Friday night. She got her supervisor, and I explained the whole situation to her . She looked the history, and asked me to find the confirmation email, which I did. I looked and it showed the charge would be over $600, or I get charged for both nights. I admitted I didn’t really pay attention to the confirmation email, because I just trusted them when they told me ( and the app) that Friday would be comped. She said there’s nothing she could do. I reminded her, again, that I left from desk with full expectation for comped on Friday because both the Caesar’s reward app and hotel clerk showed I’d be comped. Then she gave me ridiculous statement #1- the system is dynamic and constantly changing, and it could have been that between the time they entered my reservation and the time it logged in the system, it could have reverted back from comp to full charge. I had to just leave after that remark to stay cool about it.
I then went to the Caesars Rewards cage and explained my situation. The person at the cage, thankfully, was sympathetic to my issue. The only reason I strayed two days was because I was told by both the rewards app and hotel clerk that Friday would be comped, and the best explanation they came up with is it switched my rates in the seconds between her taking it and it registering in the system. She called her supervisor, who listened and offered to have someone’s in VIP look at my history further. I was glad about that because I believed he could look back snd see That on Wednesday I was offered a comp for Friday. When he finally approached, tbe first thing he said was ridiculous statement number #2 -” you know you haven‘t been here for over two years” . I guess he was talking about the period of time since my current trip, but for some reason he didn’t mention the fact that I’d spent the last 7 days on Harrah’s properties gambling in excess of $6, 000.

I then explained the same thing. The clerk told me it showed Friday comped. His reply, ” that was the hotel, not us. ( I didn’t bother to remind him that Caesars rewards and Harrah’s hotel are, like, the same company). To which I said, but the Caesars Rewards app also said I’d be comped on Friday. He said, ” but that’s only when available”. I asked “only when “”what’s” available?” He said ” the room”….
.” But I stayed in tbe room, so it was obviously available”.
” I meant only when the room’s available for comp”
” So when Caesars and hotel clerk said I’d get comped, that really meant ” maybe I’d be comped?””

If there ever was a classic example of bait and switch, this would be it.

It’s not like I stayed one night, then demanded the next morning that I be comped for spending so much money.

I was TOLD I’d be comped, before I knew how much money I’d spend or earn the next two nights.

But the VIP person, with his ignorant ” You haven‘t stayed here for over two years” remark, almost was inplying that I wasn’t worthy of such a request, even if it did look like I was led to beleive I’d be comped

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