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Broward Health Medical Center Reviews, Complaints & Contacts |…


Source: Broward Health Medical Center Reviews, Complaints & Contacts |…

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Broward Health Medical Center Reviews, Complaints & Contacts | Complai …


Broward Health Medical Center Reviews, Complaints & Contacts | Complai …

Broward Health Medical Center

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Broward Health Medical Center reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Aug 23, 2012.
The latest review Emergency service was posted on Aug 9, 2021.
The latest complaint unethical behaviour (violation of privacy) was resolved on Nov 25, 2018.
Broward Health Medical Center has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 3 reviews.
Broward Health Medical Center has resolved 1 complaints.

Broward Health Medical Center Customer Service Contacts

1600 S Andrews Ave
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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Broward Health Medical Center Complaints & Reviews

Guitho Pierre — USA

Aug 09, 2021

This review was posted by
a verified customer

Verified customer

Broward Health Medical Center — Emergency service

Today I went to the emergency with my mom because she wasn’t feeling to well with a chest pain and she had a heart surgery in Broward general two years ago and now she has a cough that make her stomach hurt a lot and she could feel the pain where she got court last time for the surgery, when I went there the patient access lady told me to field the paper to explain my mom visit I did that then I gave it to her after that she gave my mom the hand bracelet then I asked the lady a question I asked I know you guys do not take any visitors right now but my mom is going to need someone to translate for her is that ok if I stay with her so I could explain the doctor what is wrong with her . And there were another lady sit by the window close to the patient access agent she said no you cannot can you see the sign say no visitor I said yes I could read the sign that is why I ask if I could stay with my mom to translate for her and she being so rude about it she kept showing me the sign like I don’t know how to read, I left my mom sitting waiting for a room everyone pass her sitting there waiting she never called her when I see three hours and 45 minutes pass she don’t call her I went to pick up my mom I know exactly what she did because me and her had a conversation she wanted to make my mom suffer before she can call for a room, why why, why some people is so evil kind of person like that who’s taking everything as a personal problem not supposed to be working in a hospital when you supposed to helping people . She saw me and my mom left she didn’t even bother asking or say nothing, the patient access lady was really helpful. I know a lot people might go through these specially with that lady .I will go to another emergency room with my mom .

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Broward Health Medical Center — unethical behaviour (violation of privacy)

I am filing a complaint because an employee (Junite Dorcius) of the Broward Health network who seems to have…

Viclaa — USA

This review was posted by
a verified customer

Verified customer

Broward Health Medical Center — Abuse done to my 11 year old daughter

im writing due to my daughter being given ativan and the doctors are trying to say the drug ativan uncovered a mental illness that shes had it is very clear that the medication was affecting her after they had given her the drug she literally tried to kill her self and doctors are not admitting that shes allergic to the ativan they insisted that she see a pysc doctor when it s beyond clear that she had an adverse sever side effect the doctor stated in family meeting that its impossible for me to understand her and that were different people cuz when she takes her car to be fixed she fixes it and doesnt ask??s and me cuz were different i ask how much it is to fix before leaving how much does it cost //////?????????what does that have to do with my daughters life and what your trying to diagnose her with. not only that she compared her car to a human being. FIRST anyone whos given anything and starts to act in any way after taking something IS IN FACT IN DEED ALLERGIC… NOT TO MENTION i just wrote senator Maria Sachs office concering braking lease and relocating closer to hospital to help treat my daughter and not even 30 days later broward general abuse my daughter by ignoring her symptoms of telling her mother how she would be murdered crying screaming then stopping then laughing pulling out 40 wires connected to her head with glue shouting she going to report me for allowing hospital to make her crazy now i currently live accross the street from hospital and now due to last hospitalization my daughter Glynis does not feel safe going back so now after writing senator sachs office an gaining attorney to brake lease to relocate next to hospital i now have to drive further than ive ever drove since moving i even found out they gave my daughter this same medication last year i asked directly to charge nurse melissa why is she seeing things she shouldnt see she states its morphin now a year later after there trying to diagnose my daughter as being mental i pulled medical chart and have seen they gave ativan last year they never told me and when i asked her what did they gave she says morphin. talk about pain and suffering this is extreme Dr. rodriguez told me in family meeting my GOD needs help i had three witnesses there to hear this Dr.marina martinasevic compares her vehical to my daughters life literally the administration wanted to meet with me and stated i couldnt have a witness presence unless it was family blood related i said thats odd the judge in court doesnt tell attorneys there witnesses must be BLOOD RELATED..

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Published at Mon, 9 Aug 2021 17:30:1 GMT

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