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Source: Boingo Wireless Reviews, Complaints & Contacts

Discovered on: 2021-11-21 19:07:36

They really have unacceptable attitude.
When I checked my credit card bill this morning, and I found some odd charging by Boingo, I just login my account and gather all the billing history and login history…(find the attached photo please) I was just too shock to believe that I was charged more than 110 GBP for less than 8 hours wireless connection. And they even charged me without any of my connection and charged by the plan I never selected!!
So I send out the mail to the customer support, the message as following.

Dear Boingo Supporting Team,

Please find attached spreadsheet I’ve gather from my account information.
I don’t really understand what happened to my account.

Item 1 is no problem, I firstly purchased 1 hr plan in Heathrow.
But what happened to item 2? I’ve already left Heathrow to Amsterdam, why I still counted almost 13 hrs wifi usage?

Item 3 and 4 are also odd to me, I used with both laptop and iPhone for only less than one hour.
Why it counted me 4 ~ 5 hours? And what is the “premium” type mean? I didn’t even purchase that!!
If it’s due to roaming, I didn’t see any information on login page, no single word! Why??

Item 5 ~ 6 and item 8 ~ 10 are just too over and ridiculous.
In both Belgian Railway and Global Reach Hotspot, no single item was login for more than 1 hr.
And the double login was due to your weak wifi signal!!
How come I should be double or even triple charged, and again, what do you mean by “premium” type?
I didn’t purchased that kind of plan, and no one, no any other information showed to me that I was purchasing that?

Item 11 is the same issue, what is premium type?
And the same premium type, why some of them was counted GBP9.95, some of them becomes GBP11.95, and even a GBP29.85?
I don’t get it at all!!

Besides, the mechanism of billing and receipt sending are kind of strange.
I got prompt receipt message ONLY for item 1, my first purchase.
None of the rest providing me a prompt receipt message… didn’t let me aware of I’ve been charged.
Firstly, no warning or other information shown on login page.
Secondly, no billing receipt after login… how could the user get aware of those details of charging?

Further more, don’t you think you should warn before each of charge?
Instead of charge directly from the saved credit card information. No one runs service like that!
Even iTunes App Store would confirm purchase before any of the purchasing click.

Please tell me what happened in those login and crazy bill, and give me a reasonable explanation.
Thank you.

Best regards,

I got a reply after the automatic reply, seems from Indian supporting team.

“Please call our Tier 2 support in order to get this issue resolved. The number is [protected]. This matter needs to be address by the Tier 2 speciallist. Thank you!”

It is just unbelievable, why I should call back again with this extra burden of myself (I’m not in the free-call area, it would another international phone call!!)
Didn’t I state clear enough what I suffered? Why should I call directly on my own? Can’t they just forward my e-mail to someone who can help? Isn’t that why e-mail and internet for? I just don’t get it!!
And further more, why this customer service agent keep emphasizing “Tier 2” in that brief enough reply? Right, we are definitely not really important customers, I can understand I am definitely the tier 2 for them…
Then, just be it!!! We are tier 2!!! let this bull-### company take care ONLY for their tier 1…
DON’T EVER USE booooooooingo AGAIN!!

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