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Discovered on: 2021-10-01 23:04:23


I have continued issues with donating Plasma, through no fault of my own, which will cause me to possibly lose my new donor bonus. Please consider the following information in regards to providing me with a much needed extension for the new plasma donor bonus.
Theresa Rust [protected]
Donation timeline
8/21/21 gave Plasma
8/27/21 Phlebotomist messed up my veins
Attempts to donate but not allowed due to bruises from Phlebotomists and Biolife additional medical letter not reviewed by Biolife doctor. (17.4 miles round trip each time)
8/29/21, 9/3/21, 9/6/21, 9/10/21, 9/12/21, 9/14/21, 9/17/21, 9/19/21

Detailed summary

We finally decided to try donating Plasma on August 13th. We’ve wanted to do this good deed for years and now they have great bonus’. Facebook had $1, 100 posted all over. Both Gary and I started the process at 12:30 pm and 4 hrs later, he was told he could no donate because he was in the army in Germany in the 80s. I was told I needed a letter from my doctor to go over my medications and health needs. Also, they stated their office is only giving $900 for a bonus. ☹

I provided the initially requested medical letter and then was called stating I was clear to donate on August 21st. I then went for my 2nd donation on August 27th and went through 5 hours of waiting and testing, got to the chair and the phlebotomist’s messed up both my arm’s veins and stopped the process. I kept the bandage on for 2 hours, put ice on it constantly and then the next day I put heat but the left arm had a huge bruise. I kept up the heat and ice process for a week and then went in on my scheduled plasma appointment on the 29th and was told the bruise is too dark and try again later. I expressed my concern about being able to do the required number of donations to obtain my bonus.

Tried again on September 3rd and was told it was not yellow and green enough. I was worried about my new donor bonus but was told by a manager, that they might be able to extend it but she could not until it was closer to the end of the donation period (45 Days).

Then on September 6th I go in to donate and was told they now need “another” medical letter to explain my potassium use. This was VERY frustrating because of it being several weeks later after my original approval of my medical letter and they could have at least asked for it while my bruise was healing. I put in another process complaint to management to give staff the ability to extend the new donor bonus time because none of this was mine or my bodies fault.

My primary care medical doctor provided a letter with the additional information on Potassium, I picked it up the morning of September 10th, from Kaiser and had the front desk fax it to Biolife. I then took the physical letter to the Colorado Springs Biolife plasma donor location and spoke to a nurse who took my letter and said she would upload it to their system. She stated the doctor would have to review it that day and would call me but I was also told to cancel my appointment that day at 2:15 pm.

It is now September 12th, and no one has called me??? I have an appointment at 1:35 pm. My husband. Gary, is now allowed to come back in for a physical because the FDA removed the denials for being in the Army in Germany in the 80s. (can a BIG problem getting his Biolife account corrected so it could be used. Helped with this by Jeremy Karstens). Gary’s appointment is at 1:40 pm so we are going in together and I am “Hoping” I will be allowed to donate as well as obtain an extension for my donor bonus. Before we left I called the Colorado Springs location but no one answered. Left a voicemail to please have someone confirm my status for donating today. No one called me back before we left.

9/13/21 update, I was not allowed to donate yesterday and told the doctor will not be in the office to review my additional medical letter until the 14th. I provided the information above to the Colorado Springs office hoping a manager would call me. I have an appointment at 2:30 pm on the 14th.

9/14/21 2nd time I was told the doctor did not review my medical letter and I was not allowed to donate. I was told he would not be in again until Friday the 17th.

9/17/21 I had an appointment at 1 pm but no on called, sent email to manager.

9/19/21 never heard about my medical letter but Gary and I have appointments to donate at 10am. We will go in together to check.
9/19/21 update, 3rd time the doctor did not review my medical letter and I was “again” told they would put a note on my letter to make sure he reviews it. I told them it is VERY frustrating to feel like I am being blown off. All they could say was that the doctor will be in on Tuesday the 21st. I don’t know what is going on and why I am not being contacted either way. VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND I AM LOSING OUT ON MY NEW DONAR BONUS AT NOT FAULT OF MY OWN!!!

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