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Best Western Plus Universal Inn Reviews –


Source: Best Western Plus Universal Inn Reviews –

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Best Western Plus Universal Inn Reviews –

Best Western Plus Universal Inn Reviews -

So I almost had nothing bad to say about this hotel, until I checked my bank account this morning…I checked in for one night, and got the room off priceline, get here and check in and yes the girl behind the counter asked me for my id and debit card for incidentals. Nothing more ever came out of account which was fine. Until this morning when I checked again because I was getting ready to extend my room, or look for another one and realized they charged me an addional $200 this morning, for what I have no idea, when I called the front desk and the gentle man this morning why an additional $200 deposit had been taken from my account, completly screwing me because my now I screwed for a room tonight.

Oh and I forgot to mention If I am not mistaken there is even a sign posted next to the counter that says that they only charge 10-15% of your entire stay as the incdental hold so unless my math is really really off $200 is way more then 10 -15%.

Beware they are crooks. I bet ya they are going to try and not give it back either. Oh and one other thing yes I am a smoker but I went outside and walked past the front every time I did, and even if that was the reason, the agreement they have you sign when you first check-in says they will charge u $100 dollar deposit.

Oh and I promise this is the last thing I ran out this morning to the store at about 2 or 3 am…someone went into my room while I was done and left the door key in my door, it couldn’t have been me, which is what I originally thought until I opened my wallet and realized I had both keys with me.

Hell, I have stayed at 4 and 5-star high-end hotels that have never charged me that high of a deposit when I checked in. The most ever was $100, honestly, I do believe it was because I am gay and few of my friends had come by and every time I greeted one of them or walked past him to go smoke a cigarette he would give me dirty looks and then had the last time I walked by him to say f*cking fa**ot, just loud enough that I could hear him. So unless you want to be insulted, have dirty looks, and have someone go through your room, and be robbed, discriminated against, I would seriously think twice about coming to this place. Thanks to this experience I will never stay in another best western and will be sure to tell everyone I know not to stay at one either as well as everyone I come in contact with.

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