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BES UTILITIES – 20 Reviews, 1% Reputation Score


Source: BES UTILITIES – 20 Reviews, 1% Reputation Score

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BES UTILITIES – 20 Reviews, 1% Reputation Score

BES UTILITIES - 20 Reviews, 1% Reputation Score

Bes Utilities‘s reputation score is 1%, which is bad.

Robert Coupland
on 30 October 2021 commented

Worst company ever. Bad customer services . Won’t release you from contract and put you on high tariffs. Avoid.

Martin Best
on 11 August 2021 commented

I can only say that BES is one of the most malicious, greedy, unethical and bullying companies that there can possibly be. They have harrassed us with bogus claims for payment, harrassed our daughter,…
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on 20 May 2021 commented

I can only echo what others have written here. We’ve all had horrific and very, very similar experiences with BES.
Our issues with them began several years ago at our first business premises. The…
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Eric Lyon
on 28 March 2021 commented

what bes have realised is that in a commercial basis if they control your gas or electric supply, they literally have their hands around your throat and at any time can
either hold you to ransom or…
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Jean Tabersham
on 15 February 2021 commented

Worse supplier I have ever been with. I am out of contract now and still refuse to allow me to switchover. They will not respond to any emails and talking to them is a waste of time

Lee Martin
on 17 December 2020 commented

Made my life a misery and nearly bankrupted my business. Can’t believe they are still allowed to trade

Daniel Garrard
on 20 October 2020 commented

Absolute cowboy of a company, I have no idea how they have a 4* rating. I can only assume this is through fraudulent ratings. I wouldn’t recommend BES to my worst enemy. Customer service has been…
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David Hillary
on 02 October 2020 commented

They took over the wrong gas supply to my business. They realized their mistake and kept taking money from my account. Now I have to fight them to get it back. DO NOT USE B E S. THEY ARE DISGUSTING

carl lawton
on 01 October 2020 commented

Shocking company with terrible customer service , Took £2300 out of my account by direct debit when we dont even use Gas eventually after 2 months they refund me , Then the following month take £249…
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A visitor
on 13 August 2020 commented

terrible company. Once they have your supply its like they have their hands around your throat .Do not go near this company

Dave Spink
on 03 August 2020 commented

Cowboy company, the very lowest of the low …

Louise Woodcock
on 03 July 2020 commented

Terrible company, avoid ! ive had so many conversations with them about a contact that l didn’t sign,an estimated bill it goes on and on.Thought l was finally getting somewhere whi…
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Pippa Fanculo
on 10 May 2020 commented

By far the worst ever company I’ve ever had the misfortune to deal with in forty years of trading, and I’ve come across many scammers and chancers but BES take the biscuit !

paul Law
on 30 July 2018 commented

I had to remove one of their guys from one of our shops he decided to get gobby in front of some customers with all sorts of threats and demands so I removed him he was still shouting and screaming …
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J S Ward
on 28 July 2018 commented

This disgraceful company hide their immoral practices behind brokers who in turn shield them from any action by the Ombudsman. Very cosy arrangement that leads to people like me & my husband nearl…
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on 02 July 2018 commented

Disgusting company, Previous tenant was with them now they are trying to bill me for electric I haven’t used as the supply is no long with them, I’ve read other stories online of similar dea…
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Jake denton
on 01 April 2018 commented

They are bankrupting me too

A visitor
on 09 December 2017 commented

I entered into a 5 year contract which I was told was fixed price.Not so!!! I dont trust them & now want out after hearing their dishonest scams!!!!

Steve Wilson
on 27 November 2017 commented

Same as all these people yes they are scam artists, dodgy as hell avoid at all costs

A visitor
on 30 August 2017 commented

Totally mis-sold 5 year contract with BES by supposed independent broker (who we suspect works directly for BES). Lied to and pressurised into signing contract and just wish we never had!!!

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