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Asianet Satellite Communications Reviews, Complaints & Contacts | Comp…


Source: Asianet Satellite Communications Reviews, Complaints & Contacts | Comp…

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Asianet Satellite Communications Reviews, Complaints & Contacts | Comp …

Asianet Satellite Communications Reviews, Complaints & Contacts | Comp ...

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Asianet Satellite Communications reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Oct 24, 2009.
The latest review Soorya is a complete drama queen!!!! was posted on May 11, 2021.
The latest complaint repetition of serials was resolved on Nov 02, 2014.
Asianet Satellite Communications has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 63 reviews.
Asianet Satellite Communications has resolved 11 complaints.

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Asianet Satellite Communications Complaints & Reviews

Asianet Satellite Communications — Soorya is a complete drama queen!!!!

BB3 Malayalam contestant Soorya is such a drama queen. Every time she will create a scene and then get away with it. If she does not have even a bit of mental strength to withstand the situations of a game then she should be undoubtedly evicted. Every day she finds a new reason for crying, this is becoming really boring and unacceptable. Kindly at least give her a warning for this filthy behavior.

Asianet Satellite Communications — Please give more screen space to saii♥️

Saii is the bestest contestant after Mk or Dimpu… Feel like people like Rithu are given more screen space now… Feel like she is being pampered tooo kuch in the weekened episode… Is it a clever play from the bigbiss editors to bring Rithu in Top 5??? Whatever it may be… Laletan didnot question Rithu about her “jathi” comment on majisya… Only Rithu’s positives are. Shown.. Why contestants like Saiii is shown with less screen space??…
So far now.. After mk and dimpuu the next fan base goes to Sai… Obviously he should come in the Top 2… Saii uyir.. ♥️♥️♥️
Please dont be partial

Asianet Satellite Communications — Bigg boss malayalam season 3

With all due respect, for the past few weeks, we’ve got this strong feeling that BB3 Malayalam is biased a…

Asianet — Surya

Dear Asianet.
Thanks for getting Manikuttan back… sincere thanks.
Till now u have respected our opinions. This time it is for Surya… she us a Scar on ladies
She has such double stand… today after Manikuttan came back she has started her talking to camera. Please call and warn her. Why is she spoiling such a nice guy life, who has never dared to even go her way… why is she stubborn… BIg B OSS please warn her… Or throw her out of the show. She is spoiling name of girls. Crying for all…

Asianet Satellite Communications — Complaint against big boss Editor

Big boss Editor is behave like a manikkuttan dimpal fan.. As a controller you should not bias to any one. In the bb manikkuttan special you purposefully avoid Surya and play a cheap game on her..I noticed many times bigboss Editor show her in a very funny or nasty way..if you are judging the congregants then why we are here. Everyone in the house mentally tortured during task, but you gave exception to manikkuttan and portrait him as a hero…then you should treat other stressed contestants in the same way and should give them also a relaxation testament… Bigboss playing cheap game on Surya purposefully pointing her as a bad woman image as most manikkuttan dimpal fans wish.. I will personally contact her family and file complaint before public about this. Very cheap Editor you have.

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Asianet Satellite Communications — Bigg Boss

In the show telecasted on 24th Apr, all the major issues that happened last week was picked except the defamatory remarks made by Rithu. Really disappointed with your action!

I expect the Bigg Boss team to clarify to the public by telecasting what happened that day between Rithu and Majiziya Banu. She cannot be treated an exception if she has such filthy mentality.

Asianet Satellite Communications — Big boss 3

Dear asianet,
With reference to big boss season 3 Malayalam. Why are they v targeting Dimpal? Please intervene. Nobody has the right to Target a persons medical condition. She is an example to so many… Kids derive inspiration at the way she stands. Kidilan Firoz has violated all limitations. Also showing disrespect to a lady.
Secondly as per the Indian constitution hurling chap pals is a serious offense… How can Asianet pardon Ramsan? He is mature enough. He should be punished. You can’t get away with a sorry. This show is definitely violating rules of the Indian constitution especially when he does it publicly and justifies it… Please bring justice. Where are the so-called feminists today. Seeing all this n smiling… Irony of the day… Big boss book Ramsan n throw him out

Asianet Satellite Communications — Bigg boss season 3

Dear asianet,
Today’s episode 22/04/2021. This weekly task was not fare game. This contestant was playing physical attacking. We’re scared watch your show and also our parents and childrens are watching this show. Some people are not deserved to play game like Ramsan and firoz. please evict these people in this week.
Humble request for bigg boss and we want to watch your shows more


Joveeta — USA

Apr 22, 2021

This review was posted by
a verified customer

Verified customer

Asianet Satellite Communications — Big Boss season 3

Dear Asianet,
My family watches bigboss daily. Recently an episode included certain scenes where Dimpal Bhal was targeted for her health conditions. The way Firoz Khan criticized her is unacceptable. It devalues entire cancer survivors.Many survivors are watching this show only because of the positive energy Dimpal shows and her inspiration.This is inhumane . Such people who watched that show would definitely feel bad when Firoz said he has seen many like her this is not how they have to be, even all contestants have health problems etc. He is indirectly stating that cancer is no big deal, it’s common. Only people who have experienced it will know how hard is it.Kindly take action against it.


Annlee29 — USA

Apr 21, 2021

This review was posted by
a verified customer

Verified customer

Asianet Satellite Communications — Big boss season 3

Its very disappointing and unfair that Dimpal bhal is targeted for her health issues( which is her personal issue, i was under the impression big boss had clear rules for that ) . Its her choice whether to talk about it or not, the public watching the show are intelligent enough to understand whats fake and whats real and thats their choice.
Dimpal is strong and inspiring for standing up and breaking all her physical and emotional hardships thats her strength since the housemates have nothing else to pick on time and again its the others thats making this a topic and not her.
There are many healthcare workers watching the show too, it offends us that, we try to build and help people survive deadly diseases and ignorant people are so inconsiderate with the struggles.
Health issues are not a game nothing that comes with it is fun especially not what dimpal has gone through it changes their whole life their families their physical capacities and what not.
Kindly make the housemates aware of the rudeness with which they are behaving and honestly shouldn’t be a topic for questioning. This being a game has to stay a game not a platform to break someone’s lifes or their motivations to life .

Asianet Satellite Communications — Complaint against Rithu Manthra

Dear Asianet team,
I am an avid viewer of BB3 and lawyer by profession based out of Mumbai.
We got to know during yesterday’s task that Rithu Manthra used some unacceptable language against a caste in Kerala.
Hope you take strict action w/o undue delay against her and evict from the house, failing which there would b fatal consequences, which we are sure Asianet would never uphold.
Hence in the interest of justice and ethics i on behalf of millions of viewers urge you to take suggested action at the earliest and oblige.
Adv. Raji Sudhirkumar

  • Mi

    Apr 26, 2021

    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer

    Verified customer

    Very true

Asianet Satellite Communications — Big Boss season 3

I think the game rajavu Singam has used masculine names which made all contestants to think to nominate only male participants. Big Boss should be very careful while coming up with such title names. Anyone will think only a male contestant hearing the name Rajavu the king. It’s not queen right. No wonder why women are not getting nomination free titles

Asianet Satellite Communications — Complaint about a candidate bigg boss season 2

Firoz & Sajina, giving false personal allegations against other contestants like Remya, Surya etc. forget about other low-standard behavior they are doing. Still If they are continuing in the show means, you are considering only your rating…

Since this program is led by the renowned actor Mr.Mohanlal, we expect a standard for the program. Game tactics are good but not with character assassination.

Asianet Satellite Communications — Bigg boss season 3

This is the worst ever season of Bigg boss Malayalam. It is high time the production team evict sajna & firoz…

Asianet Satellite Communications — Big boss

Kindly evict Feroz and Sajina. It’s extremely bad blackmailing the career of females. It’s painful while seeing Sajina smiling at ramya and soorya being a female. Show has been watched by youngsters too. Accusing women is unfair. Kindly evict the pair. Please don’t spoil the life of ramya and soorya for TRP. Please take immediate action on Feroz and Sajina

Asianet Satellite Communications — Bigg Boss Season 3 – Complaint against the contestant Mr. Firoz and Mrs. Sajna

Please sensor all talks by Firoz and Sajna. What we saw about in the last few episode’s where it is pure personal attack against women and they are legally punishable. Big Boss should remove them immediately from the show and take legal action against Firoz and Sajna for accusing and personally attacking female contestants Remya and Soorya. Please don’t keep such people to spoil the reputation of Asianet. Even if such acts might increase the rating of the show, please don’t entertain such situations in this program as this is a family entertainer.
Please consider this as a humble request.

Asianet Satellite Communications — Bigg boss season 3

I would like to file a complaint against big boss season contestants firoz and sajna. Using foul language against women or any person is unacceptable. The whole show is morally wrong. This is watched by millions of people including women and children and the message the show is provinding is unethical and misogynistic. As big boss is encouraging thier arguments now every contestant feels like they need to argue and cause chaotic behaviour to sustain in the show. This is not a barbaric era. Tv show should have some standards and rules. If no action take people will have but no choice to legally move forward to ban the show.

Asianet Satellite Communications — Biggboss Malayalam Season 3 contestants Injustice against Firoz/Sajina

Bigness Malayalam season3 contestants are only opportunists except Firoz/Sajina.. All other contestants have no individual plays .. for eg: Ritu, Surya, Nobi, Ramsan… These contestants does not know what to do and randomly argues with Firoz/Sajina although when they say the right thing. Kidilam Firoz, Sai Vishnu as well ruining their good play now and doing the same fishy argues etc with Firoz/Sajina although Firoz/Sajina for the last few weeks been following justice and raising their voice against injustice.

Asianet Satellite Communications — Big boss Malayalam season 3

Has this season gone completely insane and unethical. Every participant and sooo many audiences are objecting Firoz Khan s behavior and words but there is no action from your end. This is making us feel that this show might be scripted otherwise how come there is no action against them and their words or attitude has no change at all. Big boss advices all the participants but never them. Such a bias and mean attitude.

Asianet Satellite Communications — unfair big boss

I think this weeks team play results are unfair. Firstly they cut usual 3 days game to two days with no chance given to boost individual points and then declare only people from loosing teams should be nominated for jail.
If at all Big boss had planned this twist beforehand, then Sandhya should have given the opportunity to reject all the dresses given by the opposite team, as her character as Quality checker could have easily done that, just as it would have been in a real life situation when some labour provokes an officer. instead Bigboss intervened and ordered to finish the work.

also Big boss told it was not right to self nominate but what is worng in that as here a whole team was declared loosers
and anyone from team can take the responsibility.

Also here it was said that when Big boss say to nominate someone then you have to do it whatever it may be. This was said by Feroz when he himself in the morning task when asked to say a persons name to be send out and one person already sent to be brought back, he didnt say anyones name. Instead said all should go out and somebody bigger should come in.

I think Big Boss is deliberately keeping this couple in the game to continously cause such cheap fights

Published at Tue, 11 May 2021 5:30:1 GMT

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