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AAMCO Transmissions Reviews, Complaints & Contacts


Source: AAMCO Transmissions Reviews, Complaints & Contacts

Discovered on: 2021-11-18 04:00:44

AAmco/9177B Knox Bridge Hwy, Canton, GA 30114, United States
Phone: +[protected]) – issue with 2000 Jeep Wrangler Sport.

Below is the documented order of events:

•July 27, 2021 – drop off Jeep. AAmco tech ran transmission diagnostic tests, and identified problems – seals leaking only. Transmission reseal service.

•July 30, 2021, @ 5:30 pm pick up Jeep after transmission gaskets were replaced. Had an issue with the transmission slipping when leaving the parking lot. Also, transmission is not shifting smoothly.

Paid $1041.88 for repairs. Invoice # 112446

•August 2, 2021, spoke to Martin about having issues when the Jeep has been sitting overnight or engine cooled. The transmission clutch is slipping and not shifting smoothly.

•August 4, 2021, still having issues with Jeep setting overnight or when the engine cooled. The transmission clutch is slipping and not shifting smoothly. Went back to AAmco and the tech adjusted the TV cable to get the transmission to shift smoothly.

•August 5, 2021, dropped off Jeep at 11:15 AM and was told they would run diagnostic tests and identify the problem then call me back with a solution to fix the issue. The transmission still slipping when the engine is cooled.

•August 6, 2021, have not heard back from Mike as of 3:00 pm. I called at 3:00 pm and was told Mike would call me back. I called again at 3:30 pm and 4:31 pm and was told the same thing – that Mike would call me back. At 4:32 Mike called me (from cell phone number [protected]) and told me he would call me back in 10 minutes and give me the solution to fix this issue but, he was heading to the airport right now. He did not call me.

•August 7, 2021, Mike didn’t call me back yesterday and I don’t have my Jeep for the weekend.

• August 9, 2021, I have not heard from Mike as of 1:45 pm. I called AAmco at 1:45 pm and spoke to Martin about the status of my Jeep and what is the diagnosis to fix it. I asked to talk to Mike and Mr. VinBrink (Owner) and neither were in the office today and no one can decide what to do until Mike comes back to the office on Tuesday.

• 1:57 pm Martin called me back with their mechanic to discuss what they think the issue is but they had to talk to Mike to decide what to do tomorrow.

• August 10, 2021, @ 10:13 am I called AAmco to talk to Mike – was told he was not available. I called AAmco at 3:30 pm and spoke to Mike. He said the transmission needs to be rebuilt and would call me when complete.
I told Mike that because the problems were misdiagnosed, that he should reverse the charge for the first invoice. He said the charge had already been processed and it could not be credited back. I thought that was strange because credit card charges can be reversed/credits issued.

All phone calls can be verified from my phone log.

Finally, after 22 days of dealing with AAmco, the Jeep is ready to be picked up @ 2:45 Pm.

Paid $2170.91 Invoice # 112478

The Jeep is finally running normally.

I’m requesting that the first payment of $1041.88 be refunded to my credit card because of the misdiagnosis and the fact that the Jeep was not tested before being released to me. The issue that brought me to AAmco was not resolved at this time.

I know this shop is shorthanded but that should not cost me.

Thanks, Carl Bruffy
[protected] [protected]

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